InPDUM Chicago Organizes for African Community Control of Police!

This Saturday!
11006 S. Michigan
Chi Inpdum
Join forces with the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and other groups in Chicago that are working for African Community Control of the Police.
The police won’t stop murdering us until we resist, organize and build the power to stop them. We must fight back and win.

*Demand resources for economic development, not police occupation!

*Build the Court for Black Justice to convict and punish police who attack the people!

*Join this campaign to expose the police, inform and organize our communities and win community control of the police!

The police, courts, prisons and U.S. military are organized repression against our community as a whole and the African nation itself.

Every week, the Chicago police chief promises more arrests of our people, as if this solves any of our problems or as if we asked them to imprison and stop and frisk our family and community members.

We are ending the passive acceptance of this war against our people. We must expose them for what they are doing to us and take community control of the police.


-William Lockett
International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, Chicago


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