InPDUM President Diop Olugbala Makes Call for Africans to Attend 2013 International Convention!

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement President Diop Olugbala makes the call for Africans to attend the 2013 International Convention. Click here for more info and register today!


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  1. Uhuru! That’s right register for this dynamic convention!

  2. Antonio morales

    What about the war on Africans by Africans, and the atrocities being committed as I write. As a person of color I Stand behind the idea of first cleaning our own house. As my father would tell us “You can’t cover the sky with your hand. Namaste!

  3. Uhuru! Antonio, if there is a war being waged on “Africans by Africans” as you put it, it is a war that is funded and orchestrated by U.S. and European imperialism. In the ghettos of Europe, South America and North America African working and poor people are engaged in horizontal violence as a means of escaping the poverty that white power has imposed upon us. We do not turn our guns on our oppressors because our oppressors have destroyed all revolutionary organization in the community that would be capable of providing such leadership to the masses. Therefore, we take our frustrations on each other. In Africa, in places like Congo and Ivory Coast, there are proxy wars happening between different sectors of the African petty bourgeosie, with the funding and direction of white power and imperialism itself. These proxy wars still represent wars being waged against the African masses by white power, although those holding the guns are Africans themselves. Our task, Antonio, is to bring revolutionary theory and organization to the masses of African workers and poor peasants around the world so that they do not become pawns of imperialism, but instead become conscious participants in their own liberation struggle. I hope that you can join us in that effort – or at least support. Would you be interested in accepting my invitation?

  4. Well stated! It’s extremely important to address the question of “Horizontal Violence” from a revolutionary standpoint. Otherwise the issue, will be co-opted by petty bou negroes that will call for “Peace on the Streets” or some other catchy phrase but will never address the colonial question. Uhuru

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