INPDUM Prez Travels Coast to Coast Mobilizing African Resistance! Pre-Convention Tour to Unite Broad Sectors of African Community!

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INPDUM Prez Travels Coast to Coast Mobilizing African Resistance! Pre-Convention Tour to Unite Broad Sectors of African Community!

Oakland, CA – During January and February of 2013 International President of the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement Diop Olugbala will embark on the international “Protect and Defend Our Own” tour.

The tour events will serve as local “African Community Conventions”. One of the main goals of the ACC’s will be to mobilize Africans from the different areas to attend InPDUM’s upcoming International Convention. The theme of this year’s International Convention is “One Africa! One Nation! Protect and Defend Our Own Through Organized Resistance!”

The tour will go to at least 8 different cities in North America and the events in Europe will feature live presentation by President Olugbala via internet.

The following are the main panel discussions we want to hold during the “Protect and Defend Our Own” tour:

Protect and ORGANIZE the African Woman! Defend and Organize the African Community!

-What do “women’s rights” mean in a system of slavery and colonialism? -protest anti-black laws in the public housing and
welfare system -Black Woman and Man Must Unite and Fight as Equals!

Squash ALL Beef! Protect and Defend Your Community from the Police!

-Uhuru Law School: Free legal advice from licensed lawyer

-Build the Uhuru Cop Watch: Resist police harassment and frame ups through cameras and organization

Black Power Meets LGBT: Protect and Defend the African Community, Gay or Straight!

-AIDS and HIV is a Biological Weapon Used Against Africans! -What does “gay rights” mean in a system of slavery and colonialism? -Just ‘cuz youre gay don’t make us enemies! Just ‘cuz youre straight don’t make us friends!

The U.S. and Europe are NOT Nations of Immigrants…They are Prisons of Nations!

-Release all Africans from Immigrations Detention and Concentration Camps

-We Wont Leave Without Our Stolen Resources!

The Black Community Ain’t Poor! The Black Community is Being Robbed!

-Forget food stamps!! Uncle Sam Owes Africans $4 trillion (at least) for reparations!

-Black labor in historically white unions? Its time to build our OWN union!

-FED grants/contracts funded by Black tax $, but don’t benefit Black people!

The following is the tour schedule and locations:

Sat, Jan12
Chicago , IL
1106 S. Michigan

Mon, Jan 21 (MLK Day) Oakland , CA
Uhuru House
7911 MacArthur Blvd

Sat, Feb2
Newark, NJ
Alanon Club
384 7th Ave (7th ave and 7th st)

Sun, Feb 3
Brooklyn, NY
Venue TBA

Sat, Feb 9
Washington, DC
Venue TBA

Sun, Feb 17. 2-6PM
Philadelphia, PA Venue TBA

Sat, Feb 23
San Diego, CA
Venue TBA

Sat, March 2
Toronto, Canada
venue TBA


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