Calling All Members and Allies of the InPDUM:

This is your time! Register for the 21st Annual InPDUM Convention!

We are trying to raise $5000 through the registration process and we are trying to meet our goal of $1250 by January 6, 2013. Don’t assume that you have time to register, the time for the convention will be here before you know it.

InPDUM is a grassroots organization led by the African people for the African People, we do not receive any funds from the government so as members of this dynamic organization we are counting on your support. The fastest and easiest way we can raise the funds to make our convention a spectacular event is to register.

The theme of this upcoming convention is “One Africa! One Nation! Build Revolutionary Organization to Protect and Defend Our Own!”

The theme is based on the “Protect and Defend our Own” campaign that InPDUM is building that reaches out to every sector of the African population to come home under the banner of the African Revolution—from African women to the African gay, lesbian and transgender community, to students, teachers, veterans, seniors, workers, mothers of police murder victims, etc.

The following is just a taste of the panels and workshops that one can expect to experience at the upcoming INPDUM Convention:

• In the struggle against colonialism any act of African resistance is an act of self defense! This workshop will feature speakers who have played major roles in organized resistance against state violence and repression. Speakers will include members of the Eric Oliver campaign, organizers from the InPDUM led Black FIST-Cop Watch program in Oakland, CA and Toronto, Canada. Also representatives of the Troy Davis campaign and the Trayvon Martin campaign have been invited to participate.
• Protect and ORGANIZE the African Woman! Defend and Organize the African Community! This panel will deal with the very important question of raising up the African woman to her rightful place as equal with men in the struggle for African Liberation.
• Black Power Meets LGBT: Protect and Defend the African Community, Gay or Straight! This controversial, but necessary discussion will cover the question of the need for the African gay, lesbian and transgender community to join the anti-colonial struggle.
• The Black Community Ain’t Poor. The Black Community is Being Robbed! The Struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power to the African Community This panel will feature key forces in the work being led by the African Peoples Socialist Party and Uhuru Movement to liberate the African economy. Speakers will include organizers from Black Star Industries, the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund and the All African Peoples Education and Defense Fund.

To see a full list of the program please go to the InPDUM Resistance Blog:

Show your unity and help your organization raise the funds to make the upcoming coming convention a success!
The link below will take you to our registration page.
Registration Link:

If you have any questions regarding the registration process contact Waleeah Brooks, the International Registration Coordinator by email: or by skype: waleeahy or by phone: (973) 826-0702


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  1. Uhuru! Sister, thank you. Please make sure you register today!

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