Defend Baby Dillen from Pennsylvania Hospital! Resist Chemical Warfare Against African Women and Children!

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Philadelphia, PA – On the night of Monday, December 30 at Pennsylvania Hospital located at 8th and Spruce streets in Philadelphia, a young mother was forced to give her newborn baby lethal doses of morphine as “treatment for morphine withdraw”.

Jade Nelson suffers from sickle cell anemia and uses morphine as a part of her pain management. She gave birth several days ago to baby Dillen. The hospital, under the direction of Dr. Gerdes harassed the mother, threatened her, used intimidation tactics Including a barrage of armed security guards present in the hospital room, excessive monitoring, forced removal of family unprovoked, refusal to allow family to visit during visiting hours, and later furnishing of a court order to administer morphine to the newborn. The hospital issued an amber alert despite no attempt nor threat to remove the baby, the police were called to the scene several times Channel 6 even showed up to interview the family who was denied access to visit the patient Jade Nelson and her sister Chineera Nelson (unrelated to this case except that coincidently this is Jade’s sister who is currently a patient at the hospital)

According to the child medication safety act, whose purpose is to restore parental authority in the health care provided, Jade had the legal right to refuse this risky course of treatment. FYI the hospital refused to furnish test results that would suggest

the child was experiencing “morphine withdraw” the baby acted normal the entire time and since birth per observant family including maternal mother and grandmother of the child.

Lastly, police reports were filed to document the mistreatment and abuse of power against this poor young mother.

The hospital has been consistently hostile and unprovokingly aggressive toward Jade and her family. The hospital has created a police state by refusing Jade to have any visitors, including from an attorney and Dillen’s father! Her civil rights and parental rights have been infringed upon at the hand of Pennsylvania hospital. They have refused to grant jade a transfer of baby Dillen to a children’s hospital.”

Upon hearing this story it was clear to InPDUM that what is happening to Dillen is one of many examples of a chemical and biological warfare that the U.S. colonial “healthcare” is waging against the African community. More specifically, this is an attack on the African community that is made by through attacking the African woman who stand as the primary representative of the interests of African children – especially during pregnancy or shortly thereafter. This is an attack that INPDUM’s revolutionary national democratic program (RNDP) is designed to combat with all its might.
As the RNDP states,

“We demand an immediate end to the particular abuse of African women colonial system… The oppression of African women includes forcible subjugation to the degrading U.S. “Welfare” system, which makes participation in the criminalization of African men a pre-requisite for receiving a tiny pittance. We demand an end to this degradation, as well as other forms of oppression, such as forcible sterilization through Norplant and other means, the theft of African babies from their mothers, the subjugation of African children to brutal, militarized school system, and the massive imprisonment of sons, husbands and fathers of African women.”

What is made even more clear in Dillen’s case is that the so-called “war on drugs (crack cocaine)” that the U.S. government has for so long used as a justification to kidnap African babies from their mothers is more like a war on Africans through drugs. The forcible dosing of baby Dillen with lethal amounts of morphine can only be summed up as chemical warfare.

Traditionally, the U.S. healthcare system has been incorrectly labeled as “free healthcare”. More recently it has been popularized as “Obamacare”. But the truth is that the U.S. healthcare system is a capitalist and colonialist healthcare system.

It is capitalist in that its driving force is profit. It will never provide “healthcare” if doing so does not generate profit. In fact, it will create illness just to create the basis for more healthcare customers. And what the government labels “healthcare” is nothing but legalized drugs that in many ways are far more harmful than crack or other synthetic street drugs. This is what we see in Dillen’s case.

It is colonialist in that it is a healthcare system that preys on the misery and illness of African and other colonized and oppressed, non-white people to make its profit. What happened to Dillen never happens to white babies. What happened to Dillen’s mother never happens to white women.

This fact is illustrated in an article written by the All African Peoples Development and Empowerment Project

“African women in the US are four times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than white women, and African babies die at more than twice the rate of white infants.
In Washington, DC, which has a majority black population, women are almost 30 times more likely to die than in Maine.

Many of these deaths are attributable to systemic barriers to healthcare in the US, with Amnesty International, the human rights organization, stating that nearly half of these maternal deaths are preventable.”

This is why African people must get organized to be a self determined people, capable of providing ourselves with healthcare – on our own terms. This is why we must protect and defend our own – including Baby Dillen!

Pennsylvania Hospital is owned by the University of Pennsylania, a private institution known for its disdain for the African community. UP has been the leading force in the gentrification of West Philly, forcing countless Africans out of their homes and neighborhoods of West Philly. Their recent attack on Dillen and Jade is no surprise. But we must surprise them with resistance!

Take Action! Help Save Dillen’s Life!

As part of its international campaign to “Protect and Defend Our Own” InPDUM is calling on its members and allies around the world to join the struggle to save Dillen’s life by doing the following:

Call Dr. Michael Buckley, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Hospital at 215-829-3433

Call Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Feinberg at 215-829-7556,
State to them the following:

1. You are not ok with the chemical/medical genocide of African babies

2. You are to them violating Jade Nelson’s civil and democratic rights to decide what type of medication her child receives and does not receive.

3. Demand that the immediate transfer of Baby Dillen to the hospital of his mother’s choice.

Unfortunately, this story is not unusual. There are tens of thousands of African women in the United States, and millions around the world, who suffer the same colonial violence at the hands of similar institutions – from Pennsylvania Hospital to the World Health Dept.

We must build the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement, and wage organized resistance to protect and defend all African women and their children from such violence.

At its upcoming International Convention, scheduled for March 23-24, InPDUM will hold a workshop titled “Protect and ORGANIZE the African Woman! Defend and Organize the African Community!” The goal of this workshop, as with the entire convention, is to bring them masses into organized struggle like that which we are waging in defense of Dillen.

Forward to the InPDUM Convention!

One Africa! One Nation!


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  2. Anne Marie Zaren

    There are so many lies in this story, it is unbelievable. The author should speak to both sides before writing such blatant untruths. Maybe this woman should not have gone to the hospital to have her baby if she did not want them to treat her son after he was born. She knew this was a possibility when she took morphine while pregnant.

  3. What an inaccurate story! These people treat their patients with an insurmountable respect! The primary care is for the baby! Why doesn’t the mother care when this poor infant is suffering? How about getting her a psych eval? Maybe the whole family needs it if they believe their wants supersede this infant’s needs!

  4. There are several points in this article that Anne Marie Zaren and Gerri has left out in their comments.
    1. The article states that the hospital never produced test results proving that the baby Dillen suffered from withdrawals from morphine. The mother and family didn’t see any behavior of morphine withdrawals and the hospital REFUSED to furnish test results saying that Dillen actually needed morphine. Gerri, what makes you sure that the infant was suffering? Superseding the infants needs is not a question when the hospital never proved that this procedure was needed.
    2. Obviously, the hospital doesn’t treat ALL of it’s patients with an insurmountable respect. From the accusations made on the hospital, not only was this family disrespected, their rights have been totally violated. The article states that according to the child medication safety act, the mother had the right to refuse this procedure.

    It is the hospital being called out here and not Dillens Mother and family. The hospital totally abused it’s power and used tactics of intimidation. Then they called in the police and the court system to back up their abuse.

    Anne Marie and Gerri, what ties do you have with Pennsylvania Hospital?

    • If its abuse. Why the hell was it ok for the MOTHER to do it in the FIRST PLACE. Remember none of this would of happened if the mother wAsnt taking morphine in the first place.

  5. so she would rather risk having her baby suffer in pain? This is why doctors need to be respected!!! They didn’t go to school forever, to make poor decisions. geez…unbelievable.

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    • Uhuru Nell! We will continue to bring the most up-to-date news about Africans and African communities around the world! Please continue to visit us as we expand to bring you more!

  7. It is 100% chance that the baby would be going through some kind of withdraw. Duh. And if the mom us so upset that the hospital wants to give him “drugs”. Then why the hell did she. B/c she is a addict and addicts are selfish. She’s an idiot for doing that to her son, later in life the young man he will become WILL STRUGGLE BADLY with drug addiction. PROVEN FACT

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