INPDUM President Addresses Venezuelan Govt About African Revolution!

Caracas, Venezuela – In June, 2011 Diop Olugbala, representative of the North American Region of the African Socialist International (ASI) and International President of its mass organization the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM), spoke at the 4th Meeting of People of African Descent in Caracas, Venezuela. The event was sponsored by the Venezuelan government led by Commandante President Hugo Chavez.

On behalf of the ASI and the INPDUM President Olugbala makes a call for the Venezuelan Revolution to join the African Revolution and participate in the building of one international African revolutionary party. President Olugbala’s presentation was made at a time when U.S. imperialism was, and continues to be, on an international campaign of violence and terror – vowing to overthrow any government that dares challenge the U.S. ability to control their peoples’ lives and resources.

President Chavez is one of many leaders around the world who are engaged in resistance against U.S. imperialism. For this reason the U.S. has made it clear that it will not rest until the Chavez is eliminated and the Venezuelan government returns to a position of servitude of U.S. imperialist interests.

Today, Cavez is on his death bed after a struggle with a cancer that mysteriously developed in his system.


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