InPDUM Convention To Build Resistance Against Chemical Warfare of African Women by U.S. Hospitals! Build for Community Control of Healthcare!

On March 23-24 the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement will hold its International Convention. The theme of this convention will be “One Africa! One Nation! Build Revolutionary Organization to Protect and Defend Our Own!”

The convention will feature a special workshop where InPDUM will build an international Community Control of Healthcare Committee.

While InPDUM has been known for defending the African community from more readily visible forms of colonial violence such as police murder and brutality, There are a thousand and one ways in which white power is attacking our people. One such way is through the U.S. capitalist-colonialist healthcare system – more accurately called the “health warfare system”.

About the U.S capitalist-colonialist healthcare system INPDUM President said this:

“Traditionally, the U.S. healthcare system has been incorrectly labeled as “free healthcare”, despite the fact that all of its budget and resources were stolen from African and other oppressed peoples.

The truth is however, that the U.S. healthcare system is a capitalist and colonialist healthcare system.

It is capitalist in that its driving force is profit. It will never provide “healthcare” if doing so does not generate profit.

In fact, it will create illness just to create the basis for more healthcare customers.

What the government labels “healthcare” is nothing but legalized drugs that in many ways are far more harmful than crack cocaine or other synthetic street drugs.

It is colonialist in that it preys on the misery and illness of African and other colonized and oppressed, non-white people to make its profit.”

The InPDUM Convention will feature a special workshop dealing with the question of chemical and biological warfare being waged against the African community through African women within the healthcare system.


InPDUM recently won a major struggle against this chemical warfare in Philadelphia, PA where we were able to free an African baby named Dillen from the clutches of Pennsylvania Hospital. Pennsylvania Hospital was pumping Dillen’s veins with lethal dosages of morphine, while denying his family the most basic rights to see him or transfer him to another hospital.


To learn more about Dillen’s case and the victory go to here


What happened to Dillen and his mother is happening to thousands of African women and babies.


This is why African people must get organized to be a self-determined people, capable of providing ourselves with healthcare on our own terms.


This is why every African woman, man and child must attend the upcoming international convention in St Petersburg, FL, so that we can come together to build the organization necessary to truly protect and defend our own!


At the convention to speak on this important question will be the following: Lisa Davis, Black is Back Coalition Healthcare Committee Chair Salimah Cunningham, Aunt of Baby Dillen


Register for the convention and see the full program and lodging information go to and click on the registration link.


If you have any questions regarding the registration process contact Waleeah Brooks, the International Registration Coordinator by email: or by skype: waleeahy or by phone: (973) 826-0702

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  1. A International & National call went out and the resonse was outstanding corrinated by great leadershlp and organization with planing and excuction , the many phones and or text sent to the Pennsylvania Hospital the INPDUM BLOGS , The Baby Dillon story featured on the Uhuru News , The Burning Spear News along with Black is Back ‘s Heatlh Corrdinator Lisa Davis , INPDUM President Diop Oguabla , Sister Salmia Cunningham, and APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitlela, and The SPSC , and those ground forces in Philly.

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