The Manifesto of Christopher Dorner – An African cop who reversed his guns and is winning hero status in the African colony! UhuruNews Feb 10, 2013

Photo: One Africa, One Nation! Build revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own! PROTECT AND DEFEND CHRISTOPHER DORNER!

ing is an introduction to and a reprint of the Manifesto that Christopher Jordan Dorner, an ex-Los Angeles cop, posted on his facebook page to explain actions he would take in response to being fired by the Los Angeles Police Department in 2009.

On February 3, 2013 a Los Angeles police official’s daughter and her fiancee, Keith Lawrence, a cop, were found dead with multiple gunshot wounds in a Los Angeles parking garage. Soon, these deaths were traced to and acknowledged by Dorner.

Since that revelation, the white ruling class media, police and FBI officials have treated Dorner’s actions as those of a deranged, misguided psychopath and pathological killer.

This, they say, can be validated by his Manifesto. They say his Manifesto is a “rambling and incoherent” document of a “disgruntled,” fired employee.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

That is one reason we are reprinting Christopher’s Manifesto in its entirety so that you can make an intelligent, informed decision for yourself.

The police and ruling class media, who are united in purpose, can make these statements concerning the validity of the Manifesto because they anticipate that you will not read it, but instead rely on them to interpret the document and Christopher’s actions.

The other reason we are reprinting Christopher’s Manifesto is that The Burning Spear newspaper online (Uhuru News) is the “Voice of the International African Revolution.”

It is our responsibility to put forth a journalism that is reflective of the worldview of the African working class, and to interpret current events by revealing the truth, so that the African revolution can advance and our people will know real self-determination.

It is the contention of the African People’s Socialist Party that Christopher’s Manifesto validates what the Party has been stating all along: That the different U.S. police agencies represent a standing colonial occupying army in the African communities throughout this stolen land we were brought to in chains while fighting back.

Although Dorner, a former U.S. Navy Lieutenant, was not capable of articulating this political phenomena at the time he penned Christopher’s Manifesto because of his ideological unity with imperialism, his pronouncements nonetheless reveal that he was indeed a colonial subject serving in the colonizer’s armed forces, in which the police are an integral part of and are the first line of defense against an African population that is forever poised to social mass rebellion.

Throughout this document, Christopher reveals the mechanizations and universal characteristics of a vicious colonial occupying army.

The pillage and absolute disregard to law and human dignity of the colonial armed forces are laid bare.

At one point in Christopher’s Manifesto, he states:

“From February 05 to January 09, I saw some of the most vile things humans can inflict on others as a police officer in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the streets of LA. It was in the confounds of LAPD police stations and shops (cruisers). The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, its the police officers.”

The criticisms of the police go on and on in Christopher’s Manifesto.

What Christopher did not understand is that this is what colonial occupying armies do.

Although Christopher said he “chose” to be an American, he did not understand that he was and is a victim of Americanism.

This is why his criticisms of the system, made through the system, made him the criminal.

Now Christopher is reverting to criticizing with the gun, which is the way of the world’s colonial peoples when criticizing colonialist capitalism.

In African neighborhoods throughout the U.S., Christopher is being raised to the statue of a hero.

The people are wishing him well, but there are thousands of Africans in police forces throughout this country that need to follow Christopher’s lead and expose the brutality and murder that is the culture of the U.S. police.


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