“From St. Pete to Brooklyn; InPDUM Builds Court for Black Justice!”

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is calling on all Africans!

Join Us Sunday, April 21, 2013 for African Resistance Now! “From St. Pete to Brooklyn; InPDUM Builds Court for Black Justice!”, another exciting and important segment on the ongoing attacks against Africans throughout the US and worldwide!

On Monday, April 15, 2013, An African Woman and an African Man were shot by the St. Petersburg, FL police. “According to two eyewitnesses at the scene, the cops attempted to open the door of a car in the alley one block south of 18th Avenue and 26th Street South. After the occupants slammed the door in the cops’ faces, the cops opened fire, wounding both Aisha Long and an as yet unidentified African man.” (more at http://www.uhurunews.com )

As in St. Pete, the state continues to deliver heavy blows from its iron fist to the heads of Africans in the name of “JUST-US”!

As part of InPDUM’s Campaign to Resistance Against Colonial Occupation, the InPUM St. Petersburg Branch will broadcast live on ARN with a report from the ground and why InPDUM St. Pete stands with its community to “Protect and Defend Our Own”.

As We continue to bring to the People what mainstream media wont, ARN will also have a report from the International President, Diop Olugbala, who has been live on the ground in Flatbush, Brooklyn building the InPDUM Court for Black Justice , justice for the People brought by the People, to be held May 18, 2013. The People will bring the NYPD up on charges for the murders of Kimani Grey, Shantel Davis and the many others whose lives they have viciously stolen, as well countless others attacked under designer laws such as stop and frisk. We must build revolutionary organization to Resistance Against Colonial Occupation!


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