by President Diop Olugbala

The International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) is calling on every African, man woman or child, who has ever been brutalized, framed up, harassed or violated by the NYPD to testify at the upcoming Court for Black Justice.

On Saturday, May 18 from 12-5PM the Brooklyn, NY branch of the INPDUM will hold the Pre-Trial Hearing for the Court for Black Justice and Reparations (CBJR), where we will put the New York Police Department (NYPD) on trial for crimes of colonial oppression committed against the African community.  The Pre-trial hearing will be held in the courtyard of Red Hill Rd, located at E. 55th St and Church Ave in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY.

pre-trial hearing banner final flatThe Pre-trial hearing will be held in anticipation of the main Court for Black Justice at which all of the evidence and testimony brought to the Pre-Trial Hearing will be presented for consideration by the Judges and community as a whole.  The work to build a Pre-trial hearing should be used to build up more support for and anticipation of the actual Tribunal.  However, it is not necessary to hold a pre-trial hearing.

NYPD: Serving and Protecting White Power Without Regard for Law

Charge #1: Murder of Kimani Grey, Shantel Davis & many others

The most recent murders of Kimani Grey and Shantel Davis, both by the 67th Precinct of the NYPD in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, are cases of straight up brutality and murder for which the pigs who were assailants and the NYPD as a whole have yet to answer to the people.

On June 14, 2012 Shantel Davis was murdered by NYPD in East Flatbush.  Shantel was a 23-year-old African woman who was murdered by several gunshot from NYPD pig Phil Atkins.  Shantel was shot by Atkins after a high-speed car chase initiated by Atkins that put the lives of countless Africans in that area in danger.  After Shantel’s vehicle collided into a parked minivan on E. 38th St and Church Ave., Atkins jumped into the vehicle and dumped a fatal gunshot into Shantel’s chest as she sat in the passenger’s side of the vehicle unarmed. 

The manner in which Atkins brutally murdered Shantel was not out of character for him. Atkins is a part of the NYPD’s notorious narcotics unit, a unit well-known for placing more drugs in the African community than it removes.  Atkins has been sued seven times in the past 10 years by Africans against whom he has used undue force, fabricated charges according to court documents.  At least 4 of those cases ended in settlement by the City to the victims as a means to avoid the irreparable political damage to the NYPD and city government that would have surely been caused through an actual legal trial.  More about Atkins’ track record can be found in this article:

Just 9 months later, the NYPD murdered another young African in East Flatbush, less than a mile away from where Shantel Davis was gunned down.  This time the victim’s name was Kimani Grey, a 16-year-old African high school student with dreams of helping his mother open up her own Caribbean restaurant.

Kimani Gray was shot seven times by two cops from the New York Police Department (NYPD).

The autopsy found Gray was hit once in the rear left shoulder, twice in his back thighs, twice in the front thighs, once in his left side and once in his lower left forearm.  He was coming home from a birthday party when he was killed.

The cops claim that Gray pointed a .38 caliber pistol at them, which police claim was found at the site. However, many of the eyewitnesses tell a different story and say that Gray was running for his life and screaming for the officers to stop.

For Kimono’s killers, NYPD Sgt. Mourad Mourad and rank and file pig Jovaniel Cordova, this type of attack on the African community was just another day at the office.

In fact, Sgt. Mourad has at least three open federal law suits filed against him.  Cordova, the other pig who shot Kimani, has two law suits against him.  Most of the charges revolve around the question of illegal stop and search and false arrest.  The exact charges can be found in this NY Daily News article:

Despite this track record these pigs have been allowed to continue to function in the African community of East Flatbush, the 67th Precinct of the NYPD has been allowed to stay open without any type of intervention from its superior offices.  The Brooklyn DA has yet to prosecute any of the pigs involved in the murders of these two young Africans, despite the fact that there were countless eye witnesses in both murders.  As a justification for its delay in prosecuting the killer cops in either case the DA’s office claims that it could not find any witnesses to step forth.  However, this is hard to believe, considering the fact that many eye witnesses have spoken to ruling class media about both cases.  There is strong evidence that indicates to INPDUM that the DA, the NYPD and the NY City Council have no interest in prosecuting these pigs, or the NYPD as a whole, for its attacks on the African community.

This deafening silence from every agency of the U.S. government (local, state and federal) regarding the activities going on in East Flatbush is clear indication to INPDUM that the U.S. government encourages this type of conduct from its foot soldiers and local military outposts.

This understanding is reinforced by the reality that right now in the U.S., every 36 hours another African is murdered by the police.  Through the historic consistency of the tactics of repression and injustice for African people by the U.S. government through its prison, police and court system – INPDUM is clear that this is a colonial government and state power through which African people will never know protection or justice.


Charge # 2: Stop and Frisk of 5 million Africans/Latinos since 2001

The NYPD first formally began using this tactic in the aftermath of 9/11, during a period where the “war on terror” had begun to shift on the African community in an intense way.  In this period we began to see the deployment of such forces as Homeland Security into oppressed and exploited African communities such as Harlem, the South Bronx, Bedford Stuyvesant and Brownsville.  The NY Transit Police’s COMSTAT and NYPD’s Stop and frisk were tactics adopted by the colonial state in that period as a means of more effectively controlling and tracking the African population.

To this date, just under 5 million people have been stopped and frisked by the NYPD alone – 80% of them either African or Latino.

Through stop and frisk, the NYPD and various police department’s throughout the U.S. that have adopted this program, the U.S. constitution’s 4th amendment that guarantees the rights of citizens to protest stop and search by police if initiated through probable cause is disregarded.

At one juncture, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) attempted to file a lawsuit against the city of NY because of what it deems the “unconstitutionality” of stop and frisk as a policy.  They failed.  The U.S. court system deemed stop and frisk a legitimate method of policing.

It must be noted that the reason that stop and frisk is deemed constitutional is because it is a policy that does not relate to the white population. It is a colonial policy and therefore, the law and constitution are not factors of consideration when the state applies stop and frisk or any other method of repression against us.

Stop and frisk and the relentless terror and havoc it causes in our oppressed community have spawned numerous movements of organized resistance around the country.  This resistance has forced to re-address the stop and frisk question.  There is currently a federal court hearing going on which will not determine whether stop and frisk should be done away with.  This hearing will only be used to determine in what ways stop and frisk should be reformed, so as to silence the movements that have been built to oppose it.

INPDUM rejects the attempts on the part of the U.S. colonial state to disguise its attacks on us by simply giving those attacks another and face.  Thus, we put the NYPD in our court, for the colonial assault that is stop and frisk.

Charge #3: Counterinsurgent Attack on the East Flatbush Protests

Part what made the murder of Kimani Grey significant is that his murder was followed by mass resistance from the African community itself.

A candlelight vigil was held a couple of nights following Kimani’s murder.  The vigil turned into a full-scale protest that lasted every night for the next couple of weeks.  Several of the first few marches were attacked by the police.  In that process at least 40 people were arrested.

Similar to stop and frisk, these attacks made on the people represent an attack on the African community’s right to free speech and freedom of assembly.  These attacks are an attempt on the part of the state to crush the ability for the African community to build up our own political power and apparatus necessary to voice our own concerns.

The U.S. government charged Nat Turner for “conspiring to rebel and making insurrection”.   The U.S. government charges dozens of members of the Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army and other revolutionary organizations with all sorts of crimes.  Today, INPDUM is charging the U.S. government and the NYPD with conspiring to enslave and waging counterinsurgency against the movement determined to end the oppression of African people.


Charge #4: Generalized military occupation of the African community

Lastly, and most importantly, INPDUM is charging the NYPD with the colonial military occupation of the African community and the conscience role as the force in place to keep African people separated from our resources and political independence.  Every encounter African people have ever had with the NYPD was either directly violent or accompanied with the threat of violence.  Therefore, it has been clear that we are dealing with a military force.

Not only has the NYPD been proven to be a military force, but also a colonial military force.  This is evident in the special oppressive relationship has with Africans, Latinos and other colonized and oppressed peoples, vs. the relationship it has with white people.  Murders of African people, stopping and frisking of 5 million Africans and Latinos, attacks on candlelight vigils held for murder victims are all evidence of this colonial relationship.

Through the Court for Black Justice INPDUM will denounce the presence of the NYPD and funding it receives through stolen African wealth as well as call for a movement demanding the immediate removal of the NYPD from the African community.

If you have been a victim of this type of NYPD terror you should testify at the Court for Black Justice.  For information on how you can testify against the NYPD call 347-731-7853


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