NYPD Attacks INPDUM forces building Court for Black Justice/Distributing Burning Spear Newspaper

by President Diop Olugbala

InPDUMlogoIn the process of distributing the Burning Spear Newspaper and fliers for the Court for Black Justice to Africans on the #3 train in Brownsville, BK, 2 NYPD undercovers approached me and comrade Oronde Takuma instructing us to get off the train. After a long struggle ensued, we were removed from the train by force. Within seconds there were 5 more pigs, 2 in uniform and 3 more undercovers. They… surrounded us. For what? Well, they told us that they stopped us because we were crossing subway cars illegally. However, that is bullshit. The undercover pigs never said anything to us until we started criticizing the police for waging a vicious war against the African community and telling people to testify at the Court for Black Justice.

Eventually they let us go with a summons, but not before they took down our information and instructed us that we were banned from the #3 train for the rest of the day! Although we provided them ID THIS TIME, we want to be clear that Africans have a right and a responsibility to resist all tactics of colonial repression exercised by the state. In the state of NY you are not required to carry or show ID. However, if you are issued a summons or arrested and you refuse to show your ID the police may detain you until you can be “positively identified” – which is a very subjective concept and one that could only be determined by a judge. In light of the far greater task of organizing the people, we as revolutionaries cannot afford to be detained.However, on a mass level we are going to have to organize resistance against the tactics of stop and frisk. In fact, one of the goals of the Court for Black Justice is to build a campaign of organized mass resistance against stop and frisk and the general colonial occupation of the African community by the police.

Without the masses, we will not succeed!

This is an everyday occurrence for Africans, Latinos and other oppressed people throughout NYC and this country. Stop and frisk is just the most recent term given to a tactic the white power state has used to control the African population for the last 500 years. We know that the effort to build the Court for Black Justice is not only righteous, it is necessary! This is a call for the African community to join us on Sat. May 18, at the corner of E. 55th St and Church Ave in Brooklyn, NY, where the Brooklyn Branch of the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) will hold the pre-trial hearing for the Court for Black Justice and Reparations (CBJR). At the CBJR INPDUM and the African community as a whole will put the NYPD on trial for colonial crimes committed against the African community. InPDUM is charging the NYPD with the following crimes of colonial oppression:

1. The murder of Kimani Grey, Shantel Davis and many others

2. The brutal and terroristic repression imposed from five million incidents of “Stop and Frisk” on Africans and Latinos since 2001.

3. The assaults on the East Flatbush 40, those young Africans arrested while protesting the police murder of Kimani Grey.

4. The ongoing colonial military occupation of the African community.

If you, or someone you know is a victim of this type of NYPD terror then you should come testify. For more info you can contact us at 917-830-5338.

View video: NYPD Attacks INPDUM forces building Court for Black Justice


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