“From Apartheid Pass Laws to Stop and Frisk; Africans Must Resist Colonial Repression”

arn_promo 5.5.13Since the early 2000’s the NYPD has stopped and frisked nearly 5 million Africans and Latinos. That is not only racial profiling and police harassment. It is a tool of colonial repression and population control. White power has done it before, whether it is the pass laws of Apartheid South Africa, or the current settler colonial immigration policies that require the Mexican people to show a “green card” to walk on their own land or the Israeli settler colonial occupation of Palestine where the Palestinian people face constant harassment and terror at the hands of Israeli military forces.
Stop and frisk is not a crime because it is a violation of some U.S. constitutional policy. Stop and frisk is a crime because it is a tactic of repression used to reinforce a parasitic social system built on slavery and colonialism. Therefore Africans and other oppressed peoples have a right and a responsibility to resist stop and frisk BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!During the Sunday, May 5 episode of African Resistance Now! INPDUM President Diop Olugbala will interview Jose LaSalle, leading member of “Stop Stop and Frisk” a New York City based organization built to combat the colonial law of police containment known as stop and frisk.

This interview will be broadcast live from East Flatbush, Brooklyn at the murder scene of Kimani Grey, a 16 year old African who was murdered by the NYPD on March 9th, 2013.
On Sat, May 18 the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) will hold the pre-trial hearing for the Court for Black Justice and Reparations (CBJR). At the CBJR INPDUM and the African Community will put the NYPD on trial for crimes of colonial genocide committed against the African community.
Members of “Stop Stop and Frisk” will be among those who testify against the NYPD. For more information, or to sign up to testify call 917-830-5338.
To watch African Resistance Now tune in live on Sun, May 5 at 4PM EST toINPDUM.ORG

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