InPDUM To Serve People’s Subpoena to NYPD 67th Precinct!

kelly wanted posterOn this Thursday, May 16 the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) will serve the People’s Subpoena to the 67th Precinct to appear at the upcoming pre-trial hearing of the Court for Black Justice and Reparations (CBJR).

The subpoena will be served during the “67th Precinct Community Council” at which concerned members of the community are given the opportunity to voice their concerns about “police-community” relations.

INPDUM is calling on everyone to meet in front of the 67th Precinct of the NYPD, located at 2820 Snyder Ave at 7:00PM to participate in a demonstration and protest.  Following the demonstration, CBJR organizers and supporters will go into the Community Council Meeting to serve the Peoples Subpoena.

The CBJR is a court that is being organized by INPDUM to put the NYPD on trial for crimes of colonial genocide being committed against the African community.  Most recently these crimes have included the murders of Kimani Grey and Shantel Davis, both murdered by forces of the 67th Precinct of the NYPD.

INPDUM is organizing the CBJR because it is clear that the U.S. court and prison system has no interest in serving justice to African and other oppressed peoples.

In fact, the Brooklyn District Attorney has yet to indict the cops who murdered Shantel and Kimani, despite eye witness accounts of the murders told by people in the community.

In addition the same cops who murdered Kimani and Shantel have a total of 12 lawsuits filed against them by the people who have been victims of their terroristic activities, including harassment, entrapment and excessive force.  At least 4 of those cases ended in settlement by the City to the victims as a means to avoid the irreparable political damage to the NYPD and city government that would have surely been caused through an actual legal trial

Despite this track record these pigs have been allowed to continue to function in the African community of East Flatbush, the 67th Precinct of the NYPD has been allowed to stay open without any type of intervention from its superior offices.  The Brooklyn DA has yet to prosecute any of the pigs involved in the murders of these two young Africans, despite the fact that there were countless eye witnesses in both murders.  As a justification for its delay in prosecuting the killer cops in either case the DA’s office claims that it could not find any witnesses to step forth.  However, this is hard to believe, considering the fact that many eye witnesses have spoken to ruling class media about both cases.  There is strong evidence that indicates to INPDUM that the DA, the NYPD and the NY City Council have no interest in prosecuting these pigs, or the NYPD as a whole, for its attacks on the African community.

This deafening silence from every agency of the U.S. government (local, state and federal) regarding the activities going on in East Flatbush is clear indication to INPDUM that the U.S. government encourages this type of conduct from its foot soldiers and local military outposts.

This understanding is reinforced by the reality that right now in the U.S., every 36 hours another African is murdered by the police.  Through the historic consistency of the tactics of repression and injustice for African people by the U.S. government through its prison, police and court system – INPDUM is clear that this is a colonial government and state power through which African people will never know protection or justice.

Therefore INPDUM is building the Court for Black Justice to expose who the criminal is.  The following strategic steps will be carried out to achieve justice for the African community:

  1. Thursday, May 16 – Serve the Peoples Subpoena to a representative of the NYPD 67th Precinct.  Location: 67th Precinct, 2820 Snyder Ave
  2. Saturday, May 18 – Hold Pre-Trial Hearing at which the community and the movement will bring forth testimonial statements used to determine whether or not the case should go to trial.
  3.  Saturday, June 29 – hold the citywide Court for Black Justice and Reparations at Medgar Evers College.

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