Resistance Against Police Brutality in Stockholm, Sweden!

InPDUM Stockholm


Swedrebellion2As you might have heard this past week in Husby, Stockholm Sweden there have been rebellions against the police. People from the oppressed communities have been throwing rocks at the police; they have burnt down garages and different stores and cars. This have internationally been noticed.

Since the past four years there have been major cuts in the welfare system which has affected the people at the bottom the most. There have been cuts in health care, schools, major unemployment, youth centers and many privatizations. As we all know these cuts will affect the community in every way. All of this has made the oppressed people desperate and the last drop was the execution of a 69 year old man. The police shot him 15 times in his own apartment. The reason why the police killed him was allegedly because of a machete he was holding. Other facts show that the man was holding a butter knife.

Inpdum Stockholm was there the third day after the two day riots. We will still go to Husby and report but also organize the rebellions and the people. We recognize that this is a natural form of resistance against this oppressive system which we live under. But in order for it to be able to challenge the system we need to resist in an organized revolutionary manner.

All the time it is the imperialist media that describes and define how we are and what the problems are. When something like this happens the media, which is a part of the imperialist state, blame the problem on the immigrants, on the powerless people. We hear that the problem is integration failures, and that we just want to live with our own ethnicities etc. But the real problem is that we lack power over our own lives and cannot control our own destinies. We are not just being taken away our resources, both here in Sweden and in our homelands, but we live under constant oppression from the state; in the court system, by the police, in the schools etc. These past days we have heard an imperialist perspective on the whole situation. Different “solutions” that has been given by different organizations and the state are dialogue with the police, invite politicians to the community and build a bond between the police and the people. One example is that the police have been present in different oppressed communities to “communicate” and create “good relationship” between the people and the police.

As we said Inpdum Stockholm has been there and will be there. We talked to the rebellions. Their perspective differs from the media and the different organizations. We were able to talk to many of them and here are some of the things they said.
” I hate police, we have been oppressed for so long and now we`ve had enough. Now we are fighting back”
” On a daily basis the police comes here to provoke and humiliate us. For example, the police force us into a garage and different places and order us to pull down our pants and pee to check if we have been taking any drugs. They also go through our belongings.”

Many people have been threatened by the police saying that their families will be killed or harassed in different ways. The ones we talked to said they won’t just throw rocks anymore, they will shoot back – “We are dead serious”.

Swedrebellion3There are not just only rebellions in Husby anymore, but all over Stockholm. In some places, police stations have been burnt.

We in the Uhuru Movement understand why this is happening. We understand oppressed peoples relationship with the state. Our relationship with imperialism. The police is not in our community to “serve and protect” as many people is taught to believe. The police are there to keep us away from our resources and in order to do so they need to keep us in check. As Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the Uhuru Movement and the African People’s Socialist Party once said:

“You have the emergence in human society
Of this thing that’s called the state.
What is the state? the state is this organized bureaucracy.
It is the police department, it is the army, the navy.
It is the prison system, the courts, and what have you.
This is the state — it is a repressive organization
but the state — and gee, well, you know,
You’ve got to have the police, cause..
If there were no police, look at what you’d be doing to yourselves!
You’d be killing each other if there were no police!
But the reality is..
The police become necessary in human society
Only at that junction in human society
Where it is split between those who have and those who ain’t got”

Since imperialism is in crisis, they are desperate to hold on to the stolen resources, which belong to Africans and other oppressed peoples of the world. The crisis is obvious. Every 28 hour an African is being killed by the police in the U.S. The French invasion in Mali is a sign of the crisis. The American military basis in Haiti, where they kill African men and rape the women is a sign of the imperialist crisis. So, the resistance in Husby is not an isolated thing. Peoples all over the world are resisting imperialism. To be able to overturn this rotten system the oppressed peoples must organize, wherever we are located.

We cannot stand a chance against this system if we talk about integration or racism and believe it will end the oppression. We must be able to talk about power and the significance of it. If we don’t have power over our own lives we won’t be able to determine our own destinies and live a free and prosperous life!

InPDUM provides revolutionary organization which all people, who want an end to this oppression, can be a part of. We are a revolutionary organization that organize the African working class worldwide.

Touch one! Touch all!

Uhuru means freedom!


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