NYPD out of Bed Stuy – U.S. Marines Out of Africa! The Struggle for Reparations and Economic Development over Parasitism and Colonial Occupation!

LeftforumimageCurrently it is well accepted that the U.S. government is engaged in wars of aggression in various parts of the world, including Africa. What is becoming equally apparent is that these wars are motivated by the economic interest of the U.S. ruling class, an interest that can only be fulfilled through an ongoing process of theft and brigandage of oppressed nations and the resources that come from them. The need to steal oil from the Middle East and coltan from Congo are the basis for U.S. and European military occupation and wars in such places. Further, through this panel we will draw a parallel between the wars of U.S. and European imperialist aggression occurring throughout the world and what is clearly a colonial military occupation of African and Latino communities by U.S. police forces in places like Detroit, LA and Brooklyn, NY. This panel is being held to explore this question more deeply; to provide a forum in which empirical evidence and objective discussion can be heard and discussed regarding this topic, to see how the findings of such evidence impact on the consciousness as well as material conditions of the general U.S. population whose opinion of such wars determine their success or failure and lastly, to present the opportunity for panel attendees to participate in activism and organizing work designed to effect the development of this phenomenon being defined as imperialism.

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  1. Make sure you catch the panel on Haiti’s struggle for national sovereignty so you can appreciate the irony of the closing keynote speech given by Garcia Linera, VP of Bolivia whose government provides troops and police for the UN occupation of Haiti.

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