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Assata628From COINTELPRO to PRISM. From Stop and Frisk to Assata Shakur – Resist the U.S. Government’s War on the Black Community!

The surveillance that the U.S. government has recently been exposed for conducting on a worldwide scale aint nothing new for Africans, Mexicans and other oppressed peoples colonized within U.S. borders. Since the U.S. govt’s military attack on the Black Power Revolution of the 1960’s the Black community has been under constant surveillance and military occupation. Although this occupation and surveillance was justified as a war on drugs, gangs and crime the real objective of the government was to prevent the African community from getting organized and rebuilding the revolutionary process.

Stop and frisk, police murder and mass imprisonment of Africans, the torture of political prisoner Lynn Stewart as well as the recent threats and attempts on Assata Shakur’s life are part of the intensifying war the U.S government is waging against African people in this country – as a means to ensure that we do not join in anti-imperialist resistance that the rest of the world’s oppressed peoples are currently engaged in.

We must not let the state succeed. We must take to the streets! Therefore on tomoro, Saturday June 29 the NYC branch of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) will be holding a militant rally and demonstration on 125th St and Adam Clayton Powell to oppose the U.S. government’s war on the African community and oppressed peoples around the world.

We need you to come out and participate! Hold a sign, hand out fliers, hold a banner, make a donation, purchase a copy of the newest issue of the Burning Spear newspaper, say something on the mic – build the resistance!!!




The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is proud to announce that we have successfully warded off the attempt by the state to lock up President Diop and silence the resistance here in New York.

At the initial court hearing held on Friday, May 17 the judge discarded all but one of the 11 warrants that the NYPD had manufactured. On Tuesday, June 25 President Diop went to court to fight the outstanding warrant, which stemmed from driving with a suspended license back in 2006. Diop had caught this charge while driving a dollar cab in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

Dollar cabs and livery cabs are a primary means of transportation for African workers throughout Brooklyn and a viable means of income for many Africans who drive the cabs. The NYPD has long stood as a force to extort both the community and drivers for money and resources, in the form of routine traffic stops and tickets. During these stops it is not uncommon for both the drivers and passengers to be frisked by the police. The traffic stop that result in Diop’s charge was a product of the notorious stop and frisk policy, which in no way benefits the African community. Read the rest of this entry

THIS WEEK ON ARN:”Building Our Own Independent Anti Colonial Economy”

ChairmanOneAfricatourOmali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Socialist international, presents a key note presentation to African Liberation Day. Chairman Omali was an organizer with the first African Liberation Day event held in Washington, D.C. in 1972. That same year he co-founded the African People’s Socialist Party, beginning the Party’s 41-year legacy of struggle on behalf of African workers and poor peasants throughout the world. Today the African Socialist International that he founded is a reality with organizers on the ground in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Chairman Omali Yeshitela will discuss the need to build an independent African owned economy, in order to facilitate the ability of the African nation to self-govern.

Watch Now above or go to Livestream!

British Government Intensifies Its Attacks on Africans and Other Oppressed Peoples As British Imperialism Crisis Deepens

UK image

InPDUM London

The British government is engaged in organised systematic and relentless warfare against African/Black people here in Britain.

The total UK ethnic group population shows that Europeans make up 86% and Africans 3.3%.

African pupils are 4 times likely to be excluded despite a reduction in permanent school exclusions. Africans have considerably high unemployment rate nationally at 18% compared to Europeans 8% [in London 20% compared to Europeans at 7%] and when employed the majority of Africans persistently tend to be in low paid work also dependant on housing benefit to meet cost of rent. Through an imposed illegal drug economy on the African community, Africans make up 18% of the UK total prison population and African youths make up 4 in 10 of the total youth prison population despite African people make up 3.3% of the UK total general population. Over 300 Africans have lost their lives after contact with the police or in police custody from the year 2000 to date with not one police officer brought to trial or even suspended. Africans are over represented in the mental health service making up 10.3% of the UK national inpatient population despite again making up 3.3% of the UK total general population with no sign of reducing [most often referred not by doctors but the police and the criminal justice system; diagnosed as schizophrenic and given high doses of medication]. In addition Africans have greater problems with access to healthcare – suffer poorer health and have reduce life expectancy. Read the rest of this entry


From Justice for Lynn Stewart

LynneSpeaksPetitionDear Friends and Supporters:

One month ago I made a request for compassionate release which was honored by the warden at Carswell Federal Medical Center.  Today the papers are still on a desk in Washington, D.C. even though the terminal cancer that I have contracted requires expeditious action.

Although I requested immediate action by the  Bureau of Prisons, I find it necessary to again request immediate action from you, my  friends, comrades and supporters  to call the three numbers listed below and request action on my behalf.

This could result in my being able to access medical treatment at Sloan Kettering so that I can face the rest of my life with dignity surrounded by those I love and who love me.

Please do this.

Yours truly

Lynne Stewart  FMS CARSWELL-53504-054 & Ralph Poynter
Lynne Stewart Defense Organization

Please click here to sign the petition

THIS WEEK ON ARN: Philly is Afghanistan! Philly Pigs kill 4 Africans in one week! InPDUM leads organized resistance!

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InPDUM challenges notorious NYPD in struggle for Black Power! Masses mobilize in defense of jailed leadership

Diop Olugbala, International President of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement

posteringOn Thursday, May 16, 2013, I was arrested by police forces of the 67th precinct of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Despite attempts made by the NYPD to characterize me as a fugitive and outlaw, it is important that I state that my arrest was nothing more than an act of political retaliation by the NYPD against an act of resistance that I committed that same night I was arrested.

On that night, just minutes before I was thrown in a jail cell, I had led a contingent of five forces of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) into the “police-community relations” meeting held at the 67th Precinct building of the NYPD, located at the 2800 block of Snyder Ave, in the heart of East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. Read the rest of this entry