British Government Intensifies Its Attacks on Africans and Other Oppressed Peoples As British Imperialism Crisis Deepens

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InPDUM London

The British government is engaged in organised systematic and relentless warfare against African/Black people here in Britain.

The total UK ethnic group population shows that Europeans make up 86% and Africans 3.3%.

African pupils are 4 times likely to be excluded despite a reduction in permanent school exclusions. Africans have considerably high unemployment rate nationally at 18% compared to Europeans 8% [in London 20% compared to Europeans at 7%] and when employed the majority of Africans persistently tend to be in low paid work also dependant on housing benefit to meet cost of rent. Through an imposed illegal drug economy on the African community, Africans make up 18% of the UK total prison population and African youths make up 4 in 10 of the total youth prison population despite African people make up 3.3% of the UK total general population. Over 300 Africans have lost their lives after contact with the police or in police custody from the year 2000 to date with not one police officer brought to trial or even suspended. Africans are over represented in the mental health service making up 10.3% of the UK national inpatient population despite again making up 3.3% of the UK total general population with no sign of reducing [most often referred not by doctors but the police and the criminal justice system; diagnosed as schizophrenic and given high doses of medication]. In addition Africans have greater problems with access to healthcare – suffer poorer health and have reduce life expectancy.

As the government’s crisis deepens it has unleashed a rapid round assaults on African people who are held in economic strangulation intensifying their oppression.

These attacks are in the form of housing benefit cap; housing benefit cuts [or what for a better word “tax”]; council tax benefit cut; food stamps in lieu of money short-term financial crises; civil legal aid cuts; equipping police response cars in London with tasers and the implementation of “secret courts”.

Accelerated gentrification of London’s African neighbourhoods

In response to the rebellion that rocked London in August 2011 the ruling class has decided on a drastic reduction of the African population in London with its dispersal throughout England.

In April 2013 the government introduced the ‘Housing Benefit Cap’ and ‘Under Occupancy Charge’ or the spare “bedroom” tax on all out of work people of working age and low income families who receive housing benefit with catastrophic effect.

Mass eviction of African people banished from London, a place they have lived since arriving in Britain in the 1940, 50s and 60s to isolated rural areas of Britain even if their local authority has a shortage of properties they could downsize to.

The London Borough councils, anticipating thousands of families to be displaced from London, intend to house the homeless families outside the capital by purchasing cheap properties around the country in places such as Coventry – Birmingham – Swindon – Manchester – Northampton – Bradford and Stoke. 

Organised resistance and political power in our own hands under the InPDUM is the way forward

We are convinced that the only way forward from such onslaughts is to build a mass movement fighting in defence of our democratic rights; for economic development and for political power this is the only way to recapture our right to determine our future ourselves.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is a mass organisation of the African working class that is being built throughout Europe – Africa – North America and the Caribbean to bring our people back to political life.



Contact: InPDUM London – PO Box 58842 – London SE15 2XX                                                             Mobile:  07723 067 486

Email:                                                             Web:                Facebook: ‘InPDUM LONDON’ 

Radio & News:                                                             WordPress: inpdumlondon3


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