Demonstrations From St. Pete to Sanford! No Justice, No Peace!

Above: Chimurenga Waller leads the InPDUM demonstration on Friday in Sanford.

Above: Chimurenga Waller leads the InPDUM demonstration on Friday in Sanford.

St. Petersburg InPDUM took a contingent of members and supporters to Sanford Florida on Friday, July 14, 2013 for what was the day for closing arguments in the trial of George Zimmerman, the crime watch mercenary who murdered Trayvon Martin in February of 2012. Zimmerman was not even arrested until April after national protests forced the state to to charge him with second degree murder. InPDUM St. Petersburg was loud and clear during our chants of “No Justice , No peace”, Justice Trayvon Martin, Reparations now” and others. The state reacted after 20 minutes or so of chanting using our bullhorn by telling us that the bullhorn could not be used for the chants. The cops promptly gathered in large numbers around the so-called “free speech” area.

The media has been pushing a line about who was on top and who was on bottom during the murder of Trayvon as a way to distract the people away from the real issue of colonial violence against African people. Colonial violence is carried out by a foreign power(the U.S. government) to keep Africa the nation contained and exploited. African people are colonized subjects in the U.S. and we are in a constant state of seize by the armed section of the state, the police departments of the U.S.

The InPDUM forces from St. Petersburg were joined by supporters from Wauchula, Florida and Sanford. The chants and agitation proved to be effective as more and more Africans allies joined in the chants. The police had a heavy presence and were gathered right up against the free speech area after the militant chants started.

The spokesperson for the demonstration was Chimurenga Waller, InPDUM Secretary in St. Petersburg. Waller made it clear to the Africans and supporters that colonial violence against African people started when we were brought to the U.S. as slaves and our labor exploited hundreds. The comrade said that the vicious murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was an act of colonial violence carried out by an oppressor nation citizen. The historical violence carried out by ordinary white people against Africans in the form hundreds of lynchings of Africans. These lynchings became a national pastime in America, even acting as social outings for the entertainment of white men women and children.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement believes that act of George Zimmerman, and white mobs who carried out the objectives of the state to keep African people in a state of fear, and without political power over our own lives. However, the police are a hundred times more dangerous that Zimmerman as they carry out executions of African people every day with impunity. We say Zimmerman, the police and Klan go hand in hand. Furthermore, any attempt to separate Zimmerman and his trial from the history of the U.S. as a colonizer of African people is only a distraction meant to keep Africans in the political wilderness chasing the illusion of integrating into the Capitalist beast known as america. Capitalism was born as a white power social system on the backs of African labor and the almost total destruction of the so-called indians during the theft of their land by the invading white population.

The demonstration by InPDUM in Sanford was consistent with our understanding put forward in point number 16 of the revolutionary platform. This point calls for an end to the public policy of police containment. Part of this containment being the deployment of crime watch mercenaries like Zimmerman that carry out the will of the state. The realization of the demand for an end to police containment will position us to prevent future acts of terror against African whether it be from the colonial police or the George Zimmermans of the world.

The realization of point number 16 can only come about with the building and consolidation of revolutionary organization such as InPDUM.

Point number 16 reads as follows:

16. We demand an end to the public policy of police containment of African people within the U.S. and its replacement with a public policy of economic development through massive capital infusion that would be used to uplift the entire community by supporting existing African businesses, establishing new African businesses, including cooperatives, and by contributing to the general self-reliance of the African community.

Build the Revolutionary Mass Organization! Justice for Trayvon Martin, Reparations now!

Demand Justice for Trayvon Martin! Every 28 hours an African man, woman or child is murdered by the police. Trayvon Martin’s murder is not rare – it is common place in our community. We will not be silent – we will demand justice! Join the mobilizations in St. Pete and Sanford!

Join the demonstration in St. Petersburg:
Sunday, July 14 @ 2:00 pm
Corner of 18th Ave. S. and MLK St. 

Attend the community meeting:
Sunday, July 14 @ 6:00 pm
Silver Lake Park, 11th Ave. S. and 13th St. 

Join the motorcade from St. Pete to Sanford and demonstration (drivers needed!):
Monday, July 15, 2013
Leaving: 11:30 am
 from the Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg
Demonstration Location: Seminole County Courthouse, 310 North Park Ave., Sanford

To join the motorcade and demonstration, or with questions, contact InPDUM:


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  1. A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.

  2. What about black on black murders? Much more of that happens than white on black murders…

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