From Zimmerman to Uncle Sam! Put White Power on Trial! Build the Court for Black Justice and Reparations!

By Diop Olugbala, INPDUM President


NYPD.TRAYVONIt is not surprising that Zimmerman was exonerated by the U.S. court system.

In fact, George Zimmerman was only doing what the U.S. government has been doing to Africans for the last 500 years: slavery, kidnapping, torture, murder, rape and countless other forms of colonial brutality.  This history is easily accessed, even on the History Channel.

And even if we were to separate this undeniable history of brutality and repression, all the facts involving the Trayvon Martin case reveal that the U.S. colonial state (courts, prisons and police) never had an interest in pursuing justice for Trayvon.

Perhaps most telling of the anti-African and colonial nature of the U.S. government was the obvious reluctance with which it pursued the trial of Zimmerman, as well as the obvious bias with which the trial itself was conducted and covered by the main stream media.

For example:

1. The police took several weeks before arresting Zimmerman. After Zimmerman murdered young Trayvon Martin, police refused to arrest him, despite witness statements that made it clear that it was a cold-blooded murder. For weeks the police allowed Zimmerman to continue to roam free to kill another African child under the pretense of self-defense.

2. It was only until masses of Africans around the world began to take to the streets demanding Justice for Trayvon Martin that the state actually arrested and ultimately “prosecuted” Zimmerman.

3. The second degree, not first degree, but second degree murder charge Zimmerman received will be decided by a six-person all-female jury without the participation of a single African person.

4. Despite the illusion of a trial and investigation, the entire trial and its media coverage has been a tool to justify Trayvon’s murder by Zimmerman as an act of self defense of a white man, a member the oppressor nation, against an African teenager, a member of the oppressed nation.

5. The fate of George Zimmerman was ultimately left in the hands of a jury that was primarily comprised of white women.  As part of the oppressor nation, these jurors possessed the same biases and general worldview as George Zimmerman himself.  It was clear that the cards were stacked in the favor of white power.


Courts a tool of colonial Domination

Like the entire U.S. government, the U.S. courts were born out of parasitic capitalism and colonialism.  The U.S. court system has never and will never serve African people justice.   They serve to protect the status quo in colonial society.  The courts exist along with the prisons and police as part of the U.S. domestic colonial state.   The role of the colonial state has always been to protect the system of colonialism – to keep Africans in a permanent state of submission and servitude to the profit driven interests of white power.


The colonial nature of the courts and the state as a whole has been historically consistent.  For example, Nat Turner, an African who organized the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history, was captured and tried by the U.S. colonial state.  The state put Nat Turner on trial.  His crime was organizing Africans to resist our colonial oppression and exploitation, in the form of slavery.   The state tried Nat Turner for treason and swiftly executed him.


The story of Nat Turner is but one of many examples that one could point to as evidence of the colonial nature of the U.S. state and government.


The International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) understands that African people cannot look to the same courts that imprisoned Nat Turner and numerous revolutionaries and African freedom fighters to provide “Trayvon Martin” justice today.


Zimmerman and White vigilantism is an Arm of the State

The colonial oppression of African people has been the historically shared responsibility of both the U.S. government and the general white population itself. During slavery, it was not only the police who assumed the responsibility of capturing runaway slaves and putting down rebellion. Mobs of regular white people played critical roles in that process.

The general white population has historically participated in this violence because it has historically received payment from the U.S. government and the white ruling class for doing so. Racism, the ideas in the heads of the white people who participate in such violence, is nothing but the ideological justification for parasitic capitalism.

When the white lynch mobs attacked Africans in the Chicago riots of 1919, they did not do so simply because Africans had the audacity to walk on the white section of the beach. They did so because the oppression of African people in every sphere of political, social and economic life was necessary for the preservation of white wealth and democracy.  In fact, the idea of a white, higher quality section of the beach was but just one expression of the justification

The murder of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is an extension of this historic relationship of brutality and terror imposed on the African population by white power through the general white population.  It was a murder that occurred during a period of similar economic and political crisis that was faced by white power during previous historic periods in which we saw spikes in such violence.  The uncertainty faced by U.S. imperialism as a whole, including white people, is based in the fact that oppressed peoples are beginning to rise up demanding control over our own resources.  This resistance is the basis of the economic crisis that afflicts white power today.


Essentially, Zimmerman was acting as a part of the U.S. colonial state when he murdered Trayvon.  It was a murder committed in the name of keeping a young African, the symbol of the very resistance that white power fears so much, in check.  It was a murder committed in the name of maintaining the status quo in a society based on colonialism and enslavement of African people.


Subsequent to that murder the state itself, along with a juror of 6 white women, showed its unity with that act of colonial violence when it exonerated Zimmerman.  This further proves that it is indeed bigger than Zimmerman and Trayvon, it is about an entire social system that revolves around the contradiction of the oppression and exploitation of African people by white power.


Neo-Colonialism Cannot Lead Struggle for Justice for Trayvon

To quell the rage of the masses in response to the exoneration of George Zimmerman, white power has relied on its minions amongst the liberal, comprador sector of the African petty bourgeoisie.  That is to say, to keep the masses from rising up and tearing this system down in response to Zimmerman’s acquittal white power has called on the uncle tom sellouts to confuse and mislead the people.


Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and the same gang of African middle classes forces who have worked so hard to keep the masses from leading our own struggle for justice for Trayvon, are now confronted with an even greater challenge of keeping the lid on the current situation.


If there was any hope or expectation in the hearts of the people that we would get justice through the U.S. court system it was swiftly wiped out with the cold blooded “not guilty” verdict that came down.


Now, to stay in favor of their white masters forces among the sellout black “misleadership” must find a way to restore the faith among the masses


Al Sharpton has been the primary figurehead of this slavish tom foolery, though he is not alone.  Forces in the highest levels of the neo-colonial apparatus have all participated in this strategy to contain the resistance of the people.  Among those forces are U.S. president Barack Huseein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.


It is important to understand that the only reason why neo-colonial has had to work so hard to maintain the image of U.S. democracy and justice for African people is because it is clear that the masses will not allow the Trayvon Martin struggle to go unresolved.


Immediately after the verdict came down, Africans around the world took to the streets expressing outrage at what was a clear statement by the U.S. government that white people have a right and a responsibility to murder African people, especially young men like Trayvon Martin.


Now, only because the masses won’t rest, Sharpton, Obama, Holder and the general neo-colonial apparatus have united around the “demand” for intervention in the case of Trayvon-Zimmerman from the U.S. federal courts.

To the naked eye, this may appear to be a viable solution to what was clearly a conspiratorial process carried out in the state of Florida.  However, upon closer investigation we will find that there is no difference, in history or present policy, between the U.S. federal court system and the Florida court system.  They are both arms of the U.S. colonial state which always functions to keep the African and other oppressed sectors of the U.S. population in a permanent state of powerlessness and servitude.


In fact the federal government has done more harm to African people than any one state government or court system has done.  It was the federal government


Even from a purely legalistic and historical standpoint, the federal government has been a dismal failure in its supposed “attempts” to bring forth justice in cases where the local courts have failed.  The case of Sean Bell is case in point.


In 2007, when the NY courts failed to convict the cops that murdered Sean Bell, Al Sharpton called on the FEDS to intervene.


In the year 2008 the federal courts presided over the civil case of the murder of Sean Bell.  The federal courts united with the decision of the NY courts and ruled that the police were justified in their murder of this young African.


During his electoral presidential campaign in the summer and fall of 2008 Barack Obama expressed his full agreement with the decisions of both the local and federal court to allow Sean Bell’s murderers to go free.


Now, today, Sharpton and neo-colonialism is back in the same position, calling on Africans to place our faith in the federal courts.  This is not because Sharpton, Obama and others are ignorant, slow or naive.  It is because they have a material interest in keeping the masses from rising up and leading our own movement.  Just as the proverbial “house nigga” that Malcolm X talked so badly about would fight to protect the slave master from the field niggas, so does neo-colonialism today fight to protect white power and the U.S. government from the masses of African workers and poor people who are victims of an ongoing war being waged against us by the U.S. government itself.



African Workers and Revolutionaries Must lead the Struggle

INPDUM is clear that the African petty bourgeoisie, or neo-colonialism, cannot lead the struggle for justice for Trayvon. They were created as a social force by white power itself, to serve as a buffer between the masses and the ruling class.  They always mislead the struggle in the wrong direction, towards integration and assimilation.


If we are to achieve a permanent solution to the ongoing colonial violence we suffer at the hands of white power and the U.S. government, African working and poor people must get organized under our own self-interested revolutionary leadership.  African workers must build revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, while we advance the struggle to build state power (revolutionary courts, prisons, police, etc)


Concretely this means that the masses of African workers must join and build the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM).


Founded in 1991 by the African People’s Socialist Party, InPDUM is the leading organization in the struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power in the 21st Century.

For the last 22 years InPDUM has fought courageously for the African community. We have fought for community control of education while protesting the budget cuts and school closures in our communities.

We have fought for justice for African victims of police brutality such as Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Oury Jalloh who was burned to death in a police precinct in Germany. We have defended the right for African people to resist colonial oppression, as we did when Lovelle Mixon killed four cops in Oakland, CA in 2009.

It was InPDUM who led the defense of the heroic African youth in London, UK after they set the city ablaze in response to the police murder of Mark Duggan there.

Now located in three continents around the world, INPDUM has always demanded reparations, state power and self-government for African people worldwide!  InPDUM knows that the politicians in city hall and the white house will never fight for Black Power to the African community. InPDUM knows that it takes revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, wherever we may be, whoever we may be.

In response to the ongoing murder of African people by U.S. police forces and white vigilantes and the ongoing justification of such murders by the U.S. court system, INPDUM is building for revolutionary state power through our work to build the Court for Black Justice and Reparations (CBJR).  The CBJR is an institution established to give the African community the ability to put the U.S. government and white power as a whole on trial for the colonial crimes committed against our people.


Put the State on Trial!  Build the Court for Black Justice! 

Through the Court for Black Justice we will expose the fact that Zimmerman’s act of colonial violence makes him no different from the NYPD or any other local, state or federal arm of the U.S. colonial state.  Through the CBJR all participants of colonial violence against African peoples must be brought to justice by the African community itself.


Only the Court for Black Justice has the ability to bring justice to Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.


Currently INPDUM is building CBJRs in New York, Chicago, San Diego, London-UK, Stockholm-Sweden, St Petersburg-FL and Newark-NJ.  Our goal is to build a movement for Black Power and Black justice in every African community around the world.


INPDUM calls on the entire African community people to get organized to build the Court for Black Justice, to produce the people’s verdict and carry out the people’s sentence!



For more information about INPDUM visit


To build a branch of INPDUM or become a member email    


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