Blackface in Stockholm Pride Festival!!

by InPDUM Stockholm

stockholm8913Last week the annual pride festival took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

There were three people, one of them which were painted black and the other two had a costume portraying a naked African man and woman. After seeing this, many people are upset and in a few cases people have pressed charges, claiming that it’s racist.

This is nothing new. For example this last year we had the Swedish culture minister, Lena Liljeroth, cutting a cake which portrayed a naked African woman’s body. She cut the genitals of the woman. We also had the situation with the club ”Berns” that just celebrated their 150 year anniversary. They wanted to celebrate different artists that had been performing there over the years. So they used a white woman to impersonate the artist Josephine Baker. They painted the white woman black. The club claimed that they didn’t find a black extra. These are just a few of many cases that have been happening here in Sweden. All of these, and many more, cases have been reported as racist attacks and discrimination.

We in the Uhuru movement, as African internationalists, recognize that this is not a question of racism. It is a question of power.  Racism is the European colonial invention of so-called “races” of people, which puts forth the idea that white people are superior to all other people on planet Earth.  “Racism is the ideology of European and Western imperialism. Racism is the ideas in the heads of white people. Racism was never and will never be the material basis for the exploitation and oppression of Africans and others in the world” – Vanessa Thompson, APSP

As stated by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, APSP,  “Colonialism is real and concrete. It is a human-made condition that can be struggled against”

Now located in three continents around the world, InPDUM has always demanded reparations, state power and self-government for African people worldwide!  InPDUM knows that the politicians in city hall and the white house will never fight for Black Power to the African community. InPDUM knows that it takes revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, wherever we may be, whoever we may be. (

InPDUM is a revolutionary mass organization  which is a part of the international Uhuru Movement. InPDUM Stockholm is calling on every African in Stockholm and surrounding into organization. You can participate in different ways. You can help us to distribute leaflets, write articles, donations, contribute with any skills you may have, everything from cooking to programming.  Any skill that we possess must come into organization, so that we can depend on ourselves and not white power.

We call on every African in Sweden to join InPDUM! If we are ever to see a change in our lives, we need to struggle for power and not acceptance from our oppressors. We cannot “solve” racism, and we have not been able to do so for over 500 years. What we need to change is the power relationship, between those who have and those who aint got.





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  1. Sigh. No wonder the Dutch like to vacate in Sweden.

    • Excuse me!? What the fuck does that have to do with anything? You’re pretty much marking all of the Dutch to be racists, that is unacceptable! I am in a relationship with a dark-skinned girl and I actually appreciate her skintone. It makes her beautiful! So don’t try to shove this off as if the Dutch are the ones to blame for this!

      • Hhahahah i love how your outrage is not on the FACT that many things coming out of Netherlands of late have been racist hello rhianna ultimate nigger bitch comment / article, black woman cake being cut, the black pete thing going hundreds. And then well an array of the above images. Oh bu let’s only talk about how ‘not all dutchs are racist’ because the high % that have the thoughts / act on it are what? Not Dutch. Oh please have an ikea stadium of seats.

      • No, you are not excused. There is no need for vile language. I assumed you had morals and were protesting the travesty, but your sick comment shows that you were promoting the blackface. And even worse, you now parade a Black person so it seems alright. The same old trick. Over and over again. Yawn.

      • I don’t get it. The dutch vacate in Sweden? Are there many? Have they invaded Sweden and need to vacate it immediately because NATO is going to take military action? OMG!!!!!

    • Care to explain? Your comment seems quite selective on addressing behaviour to where someone comes from. Neither are Dutch people particularly racist nor do they particularly like holidays in Sweden.

      • Vlaams paard. It is interesting to see how one sentence gets all the insane people out on a crusade. If the picture does not bother you, then it just does not bother you. You will have no problem vacating in Sweden, and like it. See you at Sinterklaas.

      • This person is more concerned about my profanity than they are concerned about their biased opinion on “ALL DUTCH PEOPLE.”

  2. Minister Jodie T. Carter

    What is wrong with these people, don’t they fear God?

    • what does god have to do with it???

      • God, has everything to do with every thing hon! Racism shouldn’t be an existence within people who are God fearing!

    • hahaha well which god? white jesus? Mmmm nah – and does it really have much to do with this? Did the enslavers fear god? And wasn’t ‘god’ their main justifying of pillaging, raping and killing of black and brown folks world wide? Yeah they fear god alright, they believe themselves to be god and act with impunity. But, will be the first to cry foul should an iota of the evil be thrown back. Funny that, almost ironi

  3. “Racism is the ideas in the heads of white people.” … Ummm.. that statement would actually meet the dictionary definition of racism.

  4. Gays can be racist just like everyone else. They have absconded with the rhetoric of the civil rights movement, and now whenever anyone talks of civil rights for African Americans or Native Americans, the gay lobby chimes in. This is purely intentional; they rode in on the coattails of the black civil rights movement and now civil rights is effectively DEAD. Ask yourself, who financed this? Follow the money trail. They are all PAWNS.

  5. Minister Jodie… “fear God” ? Racists think they ARE God !

  6. That’s just plain nasty. God’s got a day coming for them and they won’t be laughing when it comes.

  7. Wow, for a group of people who claim to hate another group of people, they sure do take every opportunity to dress, look, and act like us. Even if it requires surgery!!

  8. What’s wrong with people! And can it be cured? Although I have to say I do not quite understand the attempt to divorce racism and power in this article. I do not think it is possible to gain one without understanding and carefully countering the other….

  9. Oprah : was there something to her story about Sweden

  10. Overreacted. I think the fact some people are walking around with a huge penis and a bunch of obnoxious hooters is more disturbing than the fact someone dressed him/herself up as a black person.

    Come on man, we got just a little over frustrated now didn’t we? So if an Asian dresses him/herself up as a black person, what should we think of that? Aren’t we allowed to dress up any more as our fellow people with different teints? What if Eddie Murphy dresses himself up as white man and make jokes about that? … erh no wait he did already… I remember it was quite a box office killer too.

    Don’t you see? Being selective on who is allowed to have fun with who is the racism here. We have come to a point in this culture that this hypersensitive subject has made it a shame to think of us all as different.

    But we are and we shouldn’t resent it. We should enjoy, discuss, talk and celebrate that.

    Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to enjoy sitting on my Swedish chair listening to Afro American jazz, having Indonesian sate with a French wine and a Cuban cigar afterwards.

    I don’t particularly like to vacate in Sweden. It’s cold enough here as it is and prefer the sunny south 😉

  11. Tameka Chandleer

    Racism is what you call it.. But the true fact is they really want to be black so that’s now they betray them selves to mock the black race. they had blacks as their maids, sex slaves ect. So when I see a white person, I don’t ever look @ them as if I want to be them. I don’t walk the street dressed up as a wet dog. If the black race continue to allow the white race to make them angry will never change. Feed the white race with a very long spoon & don’t give them the power any longer. I could care less if two white people want to dress up like naked blacks so what. Only shows what they really want, Big Tits & a very Big Dick now take off the costume what you see is a flat chested little Dick having whites. They want to be black so let them have their fun fuck them.

  12. =:-O speechless. and for a writer, thats saying a lot.

  13. It is very funny how they are always trying to be Black.. hmm!! Well if they did not talk about us or try to be like us then I guess we are not important.. So keep on being black, we are who we are and there is not a thing they can do about it.

  14. People are sick and Its only God who can heal their paralyzed minds and only themselves hey?

  15. So Racism is only agains Black people? AND this association wants only the help of “every African in Stockholm” This is an example of racism. If a so called white man came to help them out would he be turned away because he is white maybe but that does not mean theat he is not an African. The thourgh to group anyone into a stero type sould not happen but it does. The process should stop thair we sould not go hunting for mistakes that people make with this issue thay should be educated or at least told that what thay did was offensive to you and forgiven for tahir childish way this is a country that over 90% of them belive that Fairys are real and what is wrong with that? I say that these Black faces are a Humeristic view and not derogitory.

  16. There are a lot of angry people here. In my opinion, this entire article is stirring up a lot of angst.

    Let white people black up, and let black people white up. Let yellow people orange up and let blue people green up.

    Stop taking life so damn seriously. Discrimination still occurs between people of all races and backgrounds, and it always will. I’m Scottish, and see people taking the piss out of Scottish people all the time. It doesn’t offend me in the slightest. We are pale skinned, have a horrific record of eating and drinking ourselves into obesity, and it’s generally accepted that we have rubbish national sports teams. We have easy to mock accents. We are ripe for the picking.

    Anyone genuinely offended by these images is allowing themselves to be offended by the inoffensive. I can’t see a positive way out of that mentality. Other than by dressing up as a fat white viking.

  17. Furthermore, there are absolutely no negative connotations behind these costumes.

  18. Historically Whites have always wanted to have the physical attributes of a Black Person.

  19. Black or white we all came from GOD colour is nonthing what matters is your heart.

  20. These images always reminds me about the mentally of people around the world. But there are so many varied issues to why people carry themselves in this way.

    I ‘am a black Brit (parents from the Caribbean) that lives in London, i have been working in a part of London that means i get the chance to bump into and get to know people all over the world. I thing i notice with some of the white people from various European or Scandinavian country’s is their take on bigotry/racism and what they believe is offensive or not. Some do not seem to understand or are aware how offensive black face is and some see no problem judging black people from every dodgy stereotype they have heard i.e you lot love chicken, you all must love rap music etc. yet they all hate all forms of racism.

    Also there seems to be a overriding dislike, misinformed, mocking attitude towards African people and the cultures in many African countries, They usually have no problems or obvious bigoted views towards black people who are not directly from Africa i.e Caribbeans, Americans, South Americans or black Europeans.

    This is also why i get very angry when black people (African Americans being the biggest culprits) disrespect, belittle, joke about Africans and uphold all types of false stereotypes.

    also the very fact that these people are taking part in a festival about respect for Gay people and the organizers have aloud this to happen and not aware of the offense this carries shows maybe they are not the right people to fight for gay rights!

  21. All have a good point: Its not about the color of skin they painted or the walk that they are walking, its the way there dressed that is so offensive, it is just a sly way the enemy can creep in, Blacks have burdened all our lives okay lets move on we or very important race, so its the way appearance that just don’t sit right with me, it said in the King James version that its gonna be in the days as Sodom and Gomorrah and I believe we are there so had on tight we are going for a ride because its only going to get worse not better, Just waiting for the son of God to come back and take His people out of this world,will you be ready?

  22. It always amazes me when people clamor to portray themselves as victims. No one ever got to the top of a sport, profession, or political hierarchy by complaining.

    The moment you put your fate, happiness, identity, and state of mind in the hands of others is the moment you guarantee that you will be a victim.

    After all, if everything is everyone else’s fault then you will always blame everyone else. That’s a convenient way to live but it takes the responsibility, accountability, and control of your own life out of your hands and your control.

    The actions of a few Swedes should not taint all Swedes any more than the actions of a few blacks who sell drugs taint all blacks.

    BTW I noticed the article listed the people in black face as just “people” rather than as women.

    Why do you think that is? It’s because women are never accountable for their actions and can never be blamed when they fail or screw up.

    Is there any wonder that women portray themselves to be the biggest victims of all no matter where in the world they live and how much money they have?

    The feminists say that the privileged have the luxury of not recognizing their privilege.

    I say, the truly privileged have the luxury of calling their privilege oppression.

    Before I go, given many of your sentiments over this “blackface” issue; do you also think the Wayans brothers are racist for making the movie “White Chicks?”

    No, of course you don’t. Racism is only something that white people do right? (A statement which is entirely racist.

  23. Because a person is gay/queer does not mean they have any affinity or empathy for African peoples. To put them in the same category because of their supposed oppression is an insult and asinine! Colonialism is racism and they are both the product of the psychotic minds of european whites! Africans are not racist, but are reactionists to racism whether be self hating behavior, Stockholm syndrome, or other self destructive behavior.

  24. Oprah told us how they are in Sweden!!

  25. As a colored man, it is OK with me if anyone wants to wear
    the blackface as a costume.
    It is more praise than it is ridicule.

  26. I look at that as envy! This is a pride festival in Sweden and you wanna be black. It feels good to be me and the closest you will ever get to being like me is mockery! Ha!


  28. God told Moses put your hand into your bosom, and it came out white, white as snow. Leper ! Miriam was turned white as white as snow. Leper ! This is the problem with these people. They know that we are God’s chosen people, and that we fell from the covenant, and we are being punish for a period of time, and the time of completion is nigh. The Most High is going to redeem his people again. We must not forget that we came through his blood line. They are Edomites.They generation are curse for ever and ever. Read you Bible. They are a jealous people. Envy and hate. Every person God cursed he turned them white. Leprosy ! This is not racism this it factual. Check each and everyone of them as soon as they reach a certain age, their skin get spots and skin cancer etc. I believe it is a kind of leper.


    ” … This doctrine flows from a decree by Pope Nicholas in 1452 to allow the subjugation of “heathen” lands in Africa and the New World. It was adopted by American law in 1823 in the Supreme Court case Johnson vs. McIntosh, and never overturned. Recently, it was used in 2005 as part of a court decision to dismiss an Oneida land case.”

    • To understand the connection between Christendom’s principle of discovery and the laws of the United States, we need to begin by examining a papal document issued forty years before Columbus’ historic voyage In 1452, Pope Nicholas V issued to King Alfonso V of Portugal the bull Romanus Pontifex, declaring war against all non-Christians throughout the world, and specifically sanctioning and promoting the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories.

      Under various theological and legal doctrines formulated during and after the Crusades, non-Christians were considered enemies of the Catholic faith and, as such, less than human. Accordingly, in the bull of 1452, Pope Nicholas directed King Alfonso to “capture, vanquish, and subdue the saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ,” to “put them into perpetual slavery,” and “to take all their possessions and property.” [Davenport: 20-26] Acting on this papal privilege, Portugal continued to traffic in African slaves, and expanded its royal dominions by making “discoveries” along the western coast of Africa, claiming those lands as Portuguese territory.


    Black is beautiful, black is colour. We are very much proud of our God’s given skin. My fellow blacks leave those who earnestly wish to be blacks by travelling miles to bask in the sun. There actions are born out of envy. You only envy what you cherish most. Whites people never want their up coming generations to believe that they were cursed with harsh climate and constant natural disasters,for this reason,they always create and paint Blacks/Africans as sick and poor.

  31. @No Black Pete
    The Picture does bother me. What kind of an idiot goes out on the street with stuff like that pasted onto their bodies!? It’s ridiculous! Nobody whom is African even looks like that!

  32. Stupid article. The author doesn’t know what “colonialism” is. I’m sure most people here don’t as well.

    I agree that people should be treated with respect but Sweden isn’t authoritarian.

    I think Sweden should be for the Swedes however. European countries are being flooded. Africans out.

    It is “racist” yet Africans and other minorities keep coming.

  33. Only the race that moves to another races country will find racism so if you don’t like it stay in your own country.

  34. Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

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