oa2Every day we are shown more evidence of why African people must do away with any confidence we may have once had in the U.S. government’s ability to represent our interests. Since this march and conference was called for, there have been even more attacks made against the oppressed and exploited African community in NYC and elsewhere by the U.S. government, particularly its court system.

Since the judge threw the Ramarley Graham case out the Bronx DA has refused to prosecute the pig called Haste for Ramarley’s murder. As usual, the FBI paycheck receiving greasy headed house nigger called Al Sharpton has stepped in to defend his colonial bosses from the wrath of the masses.

At the press conference and demonstration called by Ramarley’s family a representative of National Action Network (Sharpton’s organization), along with a host of other uncle tom preachers and politicians, called for the federal court system to intervene in the Ramarley Graham case.

The question any sane individual must ask is, how could the same federal government responsible for enslaving African people bring us justice today? How could the same federal govt responsible for the creation of counterinsurgent programs like COINTELPRO, programs that have led to the assassination of some of our best leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, bring us justice today? How could the same federal government that allowed the pigs who murdered Sean Bell to walk free bring us justice?

Based on this logic we MUST say that anyone who would call on African people to defer our pursuit of justice to the federal government is an ENEMY of African people! They are function as just as much of a tool of repression of African people and African resistance as the police and the state itself!

In most cases, they are a much more effective tool of repression, for instead of having to use the gun, they use lies, deceit and the presumption held by the people that they are “one of us”.

inbib1In 2006, in the aftermath of a New York DA’s acquittal of Sean Bell’s murderers INPDUM challenged Al Sharpton in a townhall meeting held at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, NY. Sharpton tried to convince the people that the FEDs will bring us justice. INPDUM said NO! The federal government is still the state! In that same confrontation INPDUM called for the movement to build the Court for Black Justice, through which WE put the pigs on trial for the murder of Sean Bell. Sister Agnes Johnson was there, along with a sanctuary full of others. History proved Sharpton wrong. And we were right.

However, Al Sharpton is not naïve. Nor is he stupid.  Al Sharpton is an ENEMY of African people. Barack Obama is an ENEMY of African people. As Chairman Omali Yeshitela has taught us, they are nothing but neo-colonialism, or white power in black face. Therefore they must be dealt with in the same fashion that we would deal with white power itself.

On behalf of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, the revolutionary mass organization of the African People’s Socialist Party, I am stating our commitment to intensify our efforts to smash neo-colonialism to pieces, as we advance the rapidly developing struggle to destroy imperialism and colonialism itself.

On a practical and concrete level this means that INPDUM will be at the upcoming Black is Back led March for Black Justice!

This is a call to every one who is can hear to be there as well.

No compromise! No surrender!

This time ’til its won!



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