INPDUM Attends Million Youth March! Warns White Power of the Coming African Revolution!

On Saturday, September 7 the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) attended the highly anticipated 15th Anniversary of the Million Youth March.  Although it was not a march, the rally held that day was a beautiful display of African cultural, social, economic and political unity.

Objectively, the MYM served to maintain a political front of resistance against the colonial repression of the NYPD, particularly in Harlem, but in NY in general.  Over the last several weeks the general African Liberation Movement has been involved in a pitch battle with the NYPD for the political space necessary to hold demonstrations and protests in Harlem.
While the white population is not yet confronted with this issue, the democratic right to free speech and assembly for the colonized African community in New York City has been under intensified assault over the last 40 years.
When our Black Power Revolution of the 1960’s was strong, the democratic space of the African community opened up as wide as it had ever been since we were brought here in chains.  Harlem was the epicenter of that resistance. When Malcolm X and King were assassinated, Harlem burned.
However, on the back of the counter-insurgent military defeat of our revolution in the 1960’s the colonial state has been engaged in a protracted war to regain the space our revolution had fought for.  Ultimately, the objective of the state is to keep the African community in chains, literally.  It is only through ongoing struggle and resistance that we are able to push the state back and win democratic space.
mym2Recently, the NYPD has come under the most intense scrutiny and mass resistance it ever has because of the “stop stop and frisk/anti-racial profiling” movement that had challenged its colonial tactics of repression.  This resistance led the bourgeoisie, through the colonial court system, to openly criticism the specific method through which stop and frisk was being implemented in NYC.  It was a defensive tactic.
Shortly before, during and following that retreat on the part of the ruling class and state, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) and the Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) have deepened the ideological political implications that any and all acts of resistance against the colonial state that have and will soon transpire in New York City.
In May INPDUM led a contingent of forces to serve the “Peoples Subpoena” to appear in the Court for Black Justice. This act of organized resistance led the NYPD to retaliate through the arrest of INPDUM President Diop Olugbala.  This struggle resulted in hundreds of activists and revolutionaries from around the world to call into the 28th Precinct of the NYPD, demanding the immediate release of President Olugbala.
In that same month the Black is Back Coalition organized New York City’s only militant outdoor protest against the increased bounty and open threats made on comrade sister Assata Shakur by Barack Obama and the U.S. government.
In June and July INPDUM held numerous actions on the very corner where the Million Youth March transpired. Outreach rallies, as we call them, were held to mobilize the people around the verdict of George Zimmerman as well as against the U.S. govt PRISM surveillance program, exposing the historic and political basis of the spying on black people as a objective to maintain its parasitic relationship with us.
In August the BIBC held its national conference in Harlem, which was preceded by a rally and march for Black Justice along 125th street.  In the process of organizing for the march BIBC was denied the right to a sound and marching permit by the NYPD.  Again an international call in campaign was initiated to counter this attack on our right to free speech.mym1
Only two weeks later the BIBC returned to 125th st, organizing an important demonstration in defense of Syria.  In this process the NYPD attempted to prevent BIBC forces from speaking on their megaphone.  However, we were able to push the state back, only because of the presence and participation of the people in our demonstration and observers.
This gave the Million Youth March a certain kind of significance, as it represented another act of resistance against the NYPD’s campaign to lock down the African community in Harlem.  This was even more true because of the participation of INPDUM in the MYM.
The majority of the presentations during the day were filled with unscientific rhetoric that usually blamed the people for our oppression more than our actual oppressor.
However, INPDUM’s  intervention in the MYM, in the form of the presentation made by President Diop Olugbala, transformed the entire event.  Watch this important presentation and gain an understanding of the revolutionary stance of the InPDUM.  Then join us.

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