NYPD Commits Act of Colonial Terror in Times Square! INPDUM Joins Forces With Black is Back Coalition to Build Resistance!

On Tue, at 6:30PM at Time Square the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement joined with members and supporters of the Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) to hold a militant demonstration in response to the NYPD’s shooting into a crowd of onlookers in their attempt to gun down an African man.

InPDUM participated in this important action as an organization that is committed to the struggle for freedom and social justice for all oppressed peoples, especially Africans.  INPDUM stands in firm opposition to the NYPD’s most recent act of imperialist aggression against African and other oppressed peoples who are the targets of police repression in NYC.

 Above is a video that captures the struggle made by BIBC at Times Square.


bib9.173On late night Sat, Sept 14 police troops of the NYPD shot into a crowd of people, hitting 2 women.  The police claim they were trying to subdue Glenn Broadnax, an African man who they claimed possessed a weapon they could not identify.

Of course the first question that anyone would ask that would immediately discredit the police’s justification of such a glaring demonstration of rabid capitalist-colonialist violence is simply: if the weapon was “unidentifiable” than how do you know it was a weapon?  And what qualifies as a weapon?

These were questions that went unanswered in the so-called “coverage” of the shooting by ruling class media.  The report provided by Channel 7 ABC did not even mention the fact that the police shot 2 women in its attempt to “disarm” a man who they were not even sure had a weapon!

Later it was revealed that brother Glenn’s weapon was simply a subway pass.

However, even if he did have a “weapon”, the INPDUM stands absolutely opposed to the police shooting because it was an act of colonial violence against an African (the man who the police were attempting to shoot). Further, we are opposed because it was a clear disregard for human life, that was committed by the police in the interest of the profit driven white ruling class.

The INPDUM stands opposed to this outrageous demonstration of rabid violence as it is violence from the state that has resulted in the shooting of two woman in an attempt to kill an African man in the process of endangering the lives of everyone within the vicinity.

Further, it is a shooting that occurred during a time when U.S. imperialism is fighting with all of its paranoid might to maintain its control over a worldwide economy and social system that requires that the masses of non-white people live in a permanent state of servitude, poverty and powerlessness.

U.S. and European imperialism is falling apart at the seams as oppressed peoples are building up all types of fronts of anti-imperialist resistance around the world.

Resistance abounds. From the Philippines, where armed struggle by certain sectors of the Filipino masses against the neo-colonial government there, all the way to Syria, where a direct invasion by the U.S. was pushed back by the threat of resistance of masses of oppressed peoples worldwide.



Police shooting part of imperialism attempt to protect 500 year reign of power

It is not a secret that the United States is the main, strategic enemy of all oppressed peoples worldwide, including Africans.  As explained to us by Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party Omali Yeshitela, the U.S. gained its wealth and power as a consequence of a worldwide assault on oppressed peoples.

It was an assault that began 500 years ago in the form of slavery and colonialism.  It is an assault that is still based in parasitic exploitation of the rest of the world, the theft of labor and resources.  Oil in the Middle East finds its way into an Exxon gas station as a consequence of this colonial violence.  Gold from West Africa ends up in a Tiffany’s Jewelers display case as a consequence of this colonial violence.

The INPDUM understands that the culture of greed and consumption that has come to be known as the “American way of life” is a culture based on colonial violence and oppression of oppressed peoples – especially Africans – including those of us colonized within the U.S.

To the imperialists, sites like the World Trade Center, the White House and Time Square, are symbols of the “achievement” of U.S. capitalism.  However, to the oppressed these places are symbols of an oppressive force that reaps perennial havoc in the lives of the African, Arab and other oppressed masses.

Therefore it is not surprising that places like Time Square be as militarized as they are.  U.S. imperialism is well aware of the fact that oppressed peoples are in a constant struggle to resist their oppressors.  It is equally unsurprising that an African who decides to spend their Saturday night on 42nd street be faced with the very real possibility of getting harassed, locked up, beaten or shot by the NYPD.


Time Square Has Long Been Hostile to Africans

Last night’s shooting is the culmination of at least 20 years of counter-insurgent activity of the NYPD in Time Square.  At one point 42nd street was considered by the bourgeoisie and its media as a bad place to be.  Once known as “the deuce”, 42nd st and Time Square was a place littered with institutions of “ill repute”: strip clubs, drug use and other institutions slanderously and incorrectly associated with the Black population were all part of the landscape.

bib9.17.2However, while the white ruling elite has always been the primary benefactor of any economic activity that has ever occurred anywhere in Manhattan – including “the deuce” – it has long been aware of the limitations of its strategy to accumulate profit through Time Square and its potential for generating “tourism money”.

In this process, then Mayor Rudolph Guiliani initiated a campaign to eradicate the presence of African and Latino workers under the guise of “improving the quality of life” for New Yorkers.  This campaign included the introduce of various designer laws specifically created to criminalize African people.  Laws such as “no loitering in public” and “no sitting on the stoop with an open beer can” could result in one’s arrest if violated.

This campaign also included the “cleaning up” of Time Square, a campaign that essentially incorporated stop and frisk and other anti-African police activity.  The result has been the transformation of Time Square into a place very unwelcoming of anyone who is not white, culturally and otherwise.  This entire process has been consistent with the white ruling class’ strategy to gentrify all of New York and make the city safe and enjoyable for white people to visit and live.

The present heavy-handed, trigger happy stance of the NYPD in Time Square and other areas like it is a stance that responds to the needs of the colonial state to repress the African population.


Police Also Fight Imaginary War Against Terror

The stance of the NYPD and other big city police forces is increasingly becoming a stance required to create the illusion that the same white people from whom it relies on for tourist money are indeed safe from the Arab terrorist who have “come to kill them” or the Africans who have “come to rob them”.  In the recent past, sectors of various liberation movements and other movements of anti-imperialist resistance have attacked or attempted to attack some of these edifices, so the imperialists claim.

Occurrences like 9/11 and the previous bombing of the World Trade Center have been used as the justification for increased militarization of these institutions.  At the same time the U.S. imperialist state has used such “terroristic” attacks as the justification to infringe upon the basic democratic rights of the oppressed Arab and African population as well as the civil liberties of the general white population.


Shooting Revealed NYPD Loyalty to WHITE POWER, Not to White People!

Interestingly, the same white people who the U.S. imperialist state calls on to unite with its campaign of violence and terror against the black and brown people could easily have been shot in the cross fire as the police tried to assassinate that man, just as the two women were.

This is not the first time the NYPD has functioned in such a reckless mercenary fashion.  On August 12, 2012 a 51-year-old African man named Darius Kennedy was shot by the police in a similar fashion, just blocks from Time Square.

This clear pattern of police aggression against Africans in that area is a clear indication that Africans are not allowed in Time Square.  It is consistent with the overall trend of gentrification throughout New York, where the police murder and maim Africans on a daily basis in an effort to take the property back for the white people.

It is also a clear indication that the imperialist state is loyal only to the white ruling class itself. In the final analysis, the U.S. imperialist state will sacrifice the lives and safety of the general white population in its attempt to carry out its primary objective, which is the repression of Africans, Arabs and other oppressed peoples.

Further, this is an indication that it is in the deepest interests of white people to unite with the struggle not of the U.S. imperialist state, but with the oppressed peoples of the world who are engaged in resistance to destroy the imperialist state – before it kills us all.



Colonial Violence Has Always and Will Always Target Oppressed Peoples

The confrontation that occurred between the African man and the police was a normal occurrence.  And it is always a confrontation initiated by the police.  If you are African or Arab, policies like stop and frisk exist for the same reason that Time Square is flooded with trigger happy pigs.  These are policies and tactics used by the imperialist state to undermine the capacity of oppressed peoples to organize ourselves to resist imperialist domination over our lives.

This most recent NYPD shooting and hitting of at least one African woman and another unidentified victim was a continuation of this same political and military strategy on the part of the U.S. government, a strategy based in the need to repress the African, Arab, Mexican, etc population in NYC, while defending the economic interests of the white ruling class who controls the tourist industry in NYC.


Build a Movement Against Imperialism in All its Forms!

There is no shortage of police outrage that should attract our attention. In addition to the young African shot to death for asking police for assistance in North Caroline, there is the 107-year-old African killed in a “shootout” in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the 8-year-old African shot in the face in Dallas, among other things. All of these killings are reflections of an inherent police state antagonism against African people that can only be mitigated by the acquisition of power by our people through collective action.

The InPDUM is an organizational apparatus through which we can acquire such power.  Further, the INPDUM unites with the resistance of the world’s oppressed peoples against imperialism in all its forms.  We are clear that there is no amount of guns, bombs or warships that the imperialist wield that can stop the worldwide movement of oppressed people to achieve power over our own lives and to destroy this parasitic system of capitalism and imperialism. White power cannot find enough overseers to maintain peace on the plantation anymore.

The only way to achieve peace is to build a movement to destroy imperialism.  That is what the INPDUM has been built to do.






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