Chicago’s Marshall Field Gardens. Chicago InPDUM Organizing Residents to Resist!!

Members of INPDUM Chicago along with INPDUM’s President met with residents of Marshall Field Gardens Housing Projects in Chicago, IL, including sister Lydia Shaw, a resident and leader of this particular complex. The goal of the meeting was to win Lydia and other Africans present to the task of building revolutionary organization among the people, with the capacity to end the ongoing terror, brutality and inhumane conditions our people are forced to endure there.

Our goal will be to organize every building in Marshall Fields, to identify leaders and block/building captains capable of providing leadership to the people who live in their particular building. This strategy is based on the 10-10-10 block organizing method, a popular method used throughout the U.S. and parts of Africa during the Black Power Revolution of the 1960’s.

Our immediate task is to organize as many Africans as possible from Marshall Field Gardens, the city of Chicago and worldwide to attend the 6th Congress of the African Peoples Socialist Party. During the Congress we will engage in intense training on the correct method of organizing communities like Marshall Fields, as a means of establishing liberated territories and political/geographic bases of Black Power from which we can wage offensive struggle against U.S. and European colonialism.

In short, we want to turn the projects into liberated territories that the police and other agencies of imperialist government cannot penetrate without our consent. In these territories African people can experience democratic space, the right to live on our own terms: to control our own resources and government. The people of Marshall Fields must BECOME the PEOPLES HOUSING AUTHORITY! Community Control of housing!MFGDiopChi

Our work in Marshall Gardens must advance the following demands of INPDUM’s Revolutionary National Democratic Program (RNDP):
18. We demand African community control of schools, police, and all the institutions of coercive colonial state power that wreak perennial havoc within our colonized community.
19. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the terroristic police and military troops from the African Community and their replacement with African liberation forces whose struggles in defense of our community against our oppression demonstrate their loyalty to our community and their willingness to serve in its interest.
57. We call for the establishment of an international commission for community control of housing and land that would lead the resistance against imperialism’s attempts to displace African populations and communities from specific geographic locations historically tied to those communities. The work of this commission would be carried out with recognition and unity of the struggles of the indigenous peoples of the Americas right to control of their own land.

The RNDP is the blueprint for Black Power that was developed under the leadership of INPDUM and the African Peoples Socialist Party, through the democratic discussion and input of the membership of these organizations.

The RNDP must guide the practical work INPDUM and the community conducts in Marshall Fields and communities like it. While the people work to improve the material conditions in Marshall Fields – demanding immediate repairs and renovations work and overall higher quality of living, the RNDP ensures that the people gain an understanding of what it will take to permanently solve the problems we face. We live in poverty and terror because we are powerless. We are powerless because we are not organized.

Therefore we must get organized to destroy this parasitic system while building up a new system that benefits our community – starting right now.

Clearly, INPDUM is building a strong Chicago front of the International African Revolution! Revolutionary Salute to you comrades! Forward to the 6th Congress of the African Peoples Socialist Party! One Africa! One Nation! Uhuru!


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