InPDUM San Diego member Kwame Amogou Falsely Arrested and Denied Medical Attention! Call In NOW!!!

InPDUM San Diego


InPDUMlogoEarly on October 11, 2013 InPDUM member Kwame Amogou was attacked by White Nationalist named DANIEL KANE in San Ysidro! When Kwame defended himself and neutralized his attacker he was arrested. While in County Jail Kwame has requested medical attention for a swollen leg and because of his history of medical conditions and has not received any medical attention during booking. The White Nationalist who attacked Kwame and has a history of agitating both African and Mexicano organizers was NOT charged and received immediate medical attention. Kwame is an African and like most Africans has a record which is being used to keep him behind bars with a $ 40,000 bail.

Who is Kwame Agomou?
Kwame Agomou has been a long-standing member of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement in San Diego and has spent decades tirelessly struggling for the self-determination of African people in the border town San Diego.  Kwame has been instrumental in breaking the barriers between African and Mexicano revolutionaries through his work with Union del Barrio and other Mexicano organizations.  Kwame was instrumental in bringing Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s political theory African Internationalism to the South East San Diego community beginning in the 80’s.  He is a success story to healing power of African natural health through his work with Dr. Sebi’s Center in Los Angeles recovering from diabetes and glaucoma through use of Sebi’s products.  As a result of the San Diego having the highest cost of living in the country Kwame, like many Africans has lived in Tijuana for years without the on-the-ground support of InPDUM or the APSP.  This disconnection from InPDUM and the hostile nature of both vigilantes, security forces, nationalists, and the state itself in the form of police, military, etc has left Kwame open to several attacks over the years. 
The incident in San Ysidro!
Early on October 11, 2013 Kwame Agomou was at a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, which is the last town in San Diego County before Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  Kwame seen a known white nationalist and agitator to both African and Mexicano organizers named Daniel Kane or known as TJ.  Daniel Kane proceeded in Kwame’s direction and pushed into Kwame with his should initiating a physical altercation.  In our communities we know that a white regardless of their economic status is a benefactor of white privilege.  While some people will allow themselves to be attacked without protecting ourselves members of InPDUM do not accept colonial violence as a social standard.  As Kwame protected himself and defended himself against the attack, the two men fell to the floor with the attacker being neutralized.  The police arrested Kwame for assault with a deadly weapon and battery while the attacker Daniel Kane was escorted to the hospital with no consequence and given medical attention.
San Diego County Sheriff and San Diego Police Department are no different from Oakland Police Department who allowed Mehserle to murder Oscar Grant without consequence and Sanford Police Department that allowed Zimmerman to murder Trayvon without consequence.This recent attack on Kwame, his arrest and the denial of medical attention can not be tolerated by the African community and our allies. InPDUM must take a strong stance against such colonial actions and demand immediate medical attention and immediate release of our falsely arrested comrade.

(619) 610-1647 Central Jail

(619) 531-2100 San Diego Police Department

YOU CAN SAY: (or something close to this)
“Hi my name is ______________ a member of the International People’s Uhuru Movement Kwame Amogou was attacked by a white nationalist Daniel Kane and falsely arrested early today and has been denied medical treatment. I am requesting immediate medical attention for Kwame on behalf of InPDUM and several concerned members of the community and his immediate release due to his false arrest.”

I personally spoke to a person named Megan at San Diego Central Jail who referred me to medical. The woman in medical said unless I was named William Gore or God that Kwame would not receive medical attention for at least 1 to 3 days, when I objected to her false statement and demanded she respect my request she said I better get a lawyer and hung up on me.

Jah Sun Kine
InPDUM San Diego
InPDUM, International Office of Membership and Recruitment

“Water the roots… the whole tree will be healthy…”


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  1. Uhuru! Any update on our Comrade Kwame?

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