The only future for us is Africa!

The question of African identity is crucial in the struggle for our freedom. If we are confused about this question we will never achieve true freedom.

African people are not a race of people but a nation of people. We are a scattered people as the result of imperialism and its strategies.

Imperialism is in a deep crisis today because oppressed people all over the world are resisting. People want to have their own right to their own resources. For over 500 years imperialism has been living like a parasite over the majority of the resources of the world, which has been the basis for the western world economy.

There is a shift going on all over the world. Oppressed people are tired of oppression and want their freedom by any means necessary.

We are African people and we need to fight for Our Africa. Lately in Sweden there have been alot of “anti racist” demonstrations. We have a situation were the majority of Africans who live in Europe dont even see a future in Africa. This can be seen in many different ways, for example many Africans join different organizations, like feminist and leftist organizationa, as an option to solve this crisis.

However, everybody wants a piece of Africa, except for Africans. Everybody is running to Africa; France and the other western nations, China, India and many more. Except for Africans themselves. As Africans we are a dispersed people and Africans who are in Europe usually fight for recognition from the oppressor, to become more French, black brit, afro swede etc. We did not come to Europe and other places to achieve a better way of life, in fact we lost a better life.

We need to see the future in Africa and understand that we cannot “kumbaya” our way out of this oppression. We have to fight! We have to organize!

The African revolution must be lead by the African working class. As a social force, the middle class and the bourgoisie will sell out the genuine interest of the masses all the time. 

InPDUM is the mass organization that works under the leadership of the African Peoples Socialist Party. InPDUM is a international organization and exists in many countries.

InPDUM stockholm is calling on every African in Sweden in to organization. If we want to see a change in our lives we need to struggle for power and not acceptance from our oppressors! What we need to change is the power relation between those who have and those who aint got! We need power in our own hands and not imperialism!



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