MovieNight_Lumumba_halfThe Oakland Uhuru Movement, has started back, with the installation on Uhuru House Movie Nights, Starting this Friday at 7pm.   Our first movie to be shown will be “LUMUMBA”.  This is but one of several economic development institutions, to come out of Oakland,CA.

Also starting back, is the Community Garden, which will be one of several African community programs, which will be the example of an independent African economy, with the ability to feed ourselves, especially as we see the crisis of this almost dead, white power system, increase by the order of magnitude.  We are excited to open up the “Historic” Uhuru house, that has seen many political actions and campaigns over a 30 year period.  We are more excited that we will bring more Africans into a process, to finally unify and liberate ourselves from this foul, rotten system, that has colonized out people for 500 years too long.


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