InPDUM Toronto has been mobilizing since September 2012 to win power and liberated territory for the African Community.    Based in the Rexdale neighborhood in Toronto’s West End, which has a high concentration of Africans from the Caribbean and East Africa, we have built a Marcus Garvey School Program to arm children with the political understanding necessary to contend with colonial schools and understand the conditions they and their families experience.    We have also begun organizing parents and youth in the area into InPDUM Committees and Brigades to mobilize residents against police containment and parasitic landlords while also building a campaign to smash horizontal violence: “Squash all Beef! Defend the African Community!”.

We have had to contend with city and school officials attempting to sabotage our work, police arresting and incarcerating lead contacts and stepping in to cancel our permits, but these attacks only serve to further strengthen and demonstrate the necessity of revolutionary organization. The Toronto Branch of the Uhuru Movement will continue to consolidate and deepen its forces over the summer until the vulnerability and weakness of the African community is ended one neighborhood at a time.

Garvey School 2


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  2. Big up to you all up there and please keep up the fight. We came this far no need to stop now.

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