Member of the Month

Stockholm ComradeFosiya Aqli
InPDUM Stockholm Organizer


“When I realized that Africans all over the world live under the same oppressive conditions I was frustrated and angry.

Being angry and frustrated is not enough.

I reached out to different organizations, mostly pan African organizations but they did not have any answers or solutions. I got tired of all this talk about kemet and how great our ancestors were before, cause I understood that this is not going to liberate us. We used to be on the top but now we are at the bottom. Pan Africanism doesn’t have a clear objective or a science and no strategies or goals on how we can gain our power as a whole. They say Africa should unite and pan africanism is the way. But under what leadership? That was the question that stuck with me. 

When I heard about InPDUM and the Uhuru Movement everything fell into place.

Inpdum provides real political analysis and responsibility to do the work for our people worldwide. After I read about InPDUM it took me about a minute to join. I finally found home. Where I belong to which is to join the work for the liberation of our people!


Fosiya Aqli



  1. Uhuru comrade Jahsun! Keep up the good work to resist colonial occupation and build up the African Community!

  2. San Diego? Catch a whiff of this. Please be attuned to the recent 2 vacated political seats and who will try to seat this power and their allegiance to the San Diego company Histogen, who markets males’ foreskin fibroblasts (stem cells) for facial creams and hair growth tonics with current investments into anti cancer mixes. Foreskin stem cells are most abundant in the young before puberty when these cells would turn into sexual pleasure receptors. As an Intactivist, I have seen the targeting of the Black (and Hispanic too) community for mass circumcisions of all males by UCLA (and lesser UCSF) and Operation Abraham. Not only here in the USA, but especially Africa by PEPFAR, WHO, UNAIDS. Circumcision has not provided any protection here in the USA where those that are cut are more likely to be infected with HIV than compared to all other industrialized nations. Please google “foreskin bio industry” to see the profits being made fueling the cutting of skin. This is a perverse social meme masquerade as American to circumcise. Rate in the USA are dropping fast and so they are looking elsewhere to get their easy stem cells. I also see it as modern day colonialism subjugating the will and lives of the people by trickery. When you control the man’s sex, you control the man. This is why General George Patton instilled circumcision into the military. Circumcision is all about control of people. So I kindly suggest looking closely at those political figures in San Diego and how they play into Histogen. You may want to contact San Diego Intactivists. Uhuru.

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