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Demonstrations From St. Pete to Sanford! No Justice, No Peace!

Above: Chimurenga Waller leads the InPDUM demonstration on Friday in Sanford.

Above: Chimurenga Waller leads the InPDUM demonstration on Friday in Sanford.

St. Petersburg InPDUM took a contingent of members and supporters to Sanford Florida on Friday, July 14, 2013 for what was the day for closing arguments in the trial of George Zimmerman, the crime watch mercenary who murdered Trayvon Martin in February of 2012. Zimmerman was not even arrested until April after national protests forced the state to to charge him with second degree murder. InPDUM St. Petersburg was loud and clear during our chants of “No Justice , No peace”, Justice Trayvon Martin, Reparations now” and others. The state reacted after 20 minutes or so of chanting using our bullhorn by telling us that the bullhorn could not be used for the chants. The cops promptly gathered in large numbers around the so-called “free speech” area.

The media has been pushing a line about who was on top and who was on bottom during the murder of Trayvon as a way to distract the people away from the real issue of colonial violence against African people. Colonial violence is carried out by a foreign power(the U.S. government) to keep Africa the nation contained and exploited. African people are colonized subjects in the U.S. and we are in a constant state of seize by the armed section of the state, the police departments of the U.S. Read the rest of this entry




As ruling class media reports on the ever developing fiasco that is the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Trial, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movment (INPDUM) finds it necessary to intervene in the discussion.

Therefore, on Saturday, July 13, INPDUM will be holding a militant demonstration and speak out on the corner of 125th St and Adam Clayton Powell to voice the revolutionary demands of the African community as they relate to the Trayvon Martin question.

We invite everyone to come and join us. Help hand out fliers, speak on the mic or buy/sell the Burning Spear Newspaper. Or just come and make a donation and join INPDUM!  Read the rest of this entry

Uhuru Sunday in the Park: St. Petersburg InPDUM Takes Message to the People!

St. Petersburg International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement held their first Uhuru Sunday in the Park on Sunday June 20th, 2013. The site of the rally, Silver Lake Park, was the former location of many InPDUM rallies several years ago. The rally was moderated by president Elverda Brooks who explained the that the meetings of the Uhuru Movement are usually held at the Uhuru House, however, the movement was bringing the meeting to the people.StpeteinPark2
Chairman Omali Yeshitela was a guest and spoke dynamically about how the police was terrorizinng the African community but our community had not been mobilized to unite and resist the terror of the police. He talked about “barbershop philosophers”, Africans who sit around barbershops and spout their views but refuse to come to a meeting. The Chairman laid out how white power was dominating the entire African community. The chairman brought the theory of African internationalism down to where the masses could understand it.
Chimurenga Waller, Secretary for the InPDUM talked about how the courts and media were distracting the African community with discussions about whether Trayvon martin or George Zimmerman was on top when Martin was murdered in 2012.
The use of the park rally is another in the many tactics to win Africans to the line of African Internationalism and membership in the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.
It was a statement of the anti-colonial nature of InPDUM and was representative of the revolutionary National Democratic program in action.