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US Airways; The Un-Friendly Sky for Africans!

by InPDUM President Diop Olugbala
On my flight from Chicago into my layover city of Charlotte I had a situation with a flight attendant named “Dan” (a white man) on US Airways.
As the flight was about to take off he told me to turn off my phone. Fine. I was trying to get an email out before I shut my phone off. All the while he is staring at me. This is even as the white lady next to me was using her phone, which she later admitted doing in her statement to US Airways management.
Dan wouldn’t stop.  After I put my phone away he sits down in the special retractable flight attendants chair opposite of me. When he sits down he looks at me and says “I will be watching you and your ugly hat, bro” (referring to my Yankees cap).  Read the rest of this entry

InPDUM San Diego member Kwame Amogou Falsely Arrested and Denied Medical Attention! Call In NOW!!!

InPDUM San Diego


InPDUMlogoEarly on October 11, 2013 InPDUM member Kwame Amogou was attacked by White Nationalist named DANIEL KANE in San Ysidro! When Kwame defended himself and neutralized his attacker he was arrested. While in County Jail Kwame has requested medical attention for a swollen leg and because of his history of medical conditions and has not received any medical attention during booking. The White Nationalist who attacked Kwame and has a history of agitating both African and Mexicano organizers was NOT charged and received immediate medical attention. Kwame is an African and like most Africans has a record which is being used to keep him behind bars with a $ 40,000 bail.

Who is Kwame Agomou?
Kwame Agomou has been a long-standing member of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement in San Diego and has spent decades tirelessly struggling for the self-determination of African people in the border town San Diego.  Kwame has been instrumental in breaking the barriers between African and Mexicano revolutionaries through his work with Union del Barrio and other Mexicano organizations.  Kwame was instrumental in bringing Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s political theory African Internationalism to the South East San Diego community beginning in the 80’s.  He is a success story to healing power of African natural health through his work with Dr. Sebi’s Center in Los Angeles recovering from diabetes and glaucoma through use of Sebi’s products.  As a result of the San Diego having the highest cost of living in the country Kwame, like many Africans has lived in Tijuana for years without the on-the-ground support of InPDUM or the APSP.  This disconnection from InPDUM and the hostile nature of both vigilantes, security forces, nationalists, and the state itself in the form of police, military, etc has left Kwame open to several attacks over the years.  Read the rest of this entry

Chicago’s Marshall Field Gardens. Chicago InPDUM Organizing Residents to Resist!!

Members of INPDUM Chicago along with INPDUM’s President met with residents of Marshall Field Gardens Housing Projects in Chicago, IL, including sister Lydia Shaw, a resident and leader of this particular complex. The goal of the meeting was to win Lydia and other Africans present to the task of building revolutionary organization among the people, with the capacity to end the ongoing terror, brutality and inhumane conditions our people are forced to endure there.

Our goal will be to organize every building in Marshall Fields, to identify leaders and block/building captains capable of providing leadership to the people who live in their particular building. This strategy is based on the 10-10-10 block organizing method, a popular method used throughout the U.S. and parts of Africa during the Black Power Revolution of the 1960’s. Read the rest of this entry